I am obsessed with cleanliness, so all my watches, irrespective of how much they cost, are cleaned often, sometimes after every use. Unfortunately, because I didn’t have a proper watch cleaning product, some metal straps have lost some of their sheen or worse, their colour, but at least they are clean. Let’s just leave it at that…

But this review made me realise that a lot of people do not clean their watches. I think this has got a lot to do with the fact that the people I ‘interviewed’ tended to have watches that cost under $500, and were not really worth sending down for a good clean, but still.

With regular use, our watches accumulate a lot of dirt – think skin cells, perspiration, sebum, dust, grime, lotion, soap, fragrances and other gross stuff. All of these things build up, especially in hard to reach areas like near the lugs, caseback grooves and between bracelet links, and need to be removed, if you want to maintain your watch.

Unfortunately, conventional cleaning or polishing can be counterproductive, largely because the process of polishing tends to remove layers of metal to even out and remove scratches and this may ultimately change the shape of the case. While cleaning solutions can cause micro-scratches and certain solvents can even deteriorate gaskets that affect water resistance.

Here’s Why I Think You Should Invest In A Bottle Of HOROCD

All of these factors led to the birth of HOROCD. HOROCD (pronounced horo-c-d) is a portmanteau of horology and OCD, describing a play on the quirks that watch collectors are predisposed to in collecting, caring for and keeping their timepieces in pristine condition.

 Collector’s Cleaning Kit $80

HOROCD Protect and Shine has been designed to enable watches to retain their shine and light reflective value over time, as well as being safe regardless of water resistance rating or watch case, bracelet and crystal material. HOROCD has been tested safe and effective on stainless steel, platinum, gold, titanium, ceramic, forged carbon, sapphire crystal, mineral crystal and even acrylic crystal.

We spend time and effort to polish our shoes, clean our cars and iron our clothes but neglect proper care and regular maintenance for our watches even when they can sometimes be more costly than some of those other possessions” – Gregg Lewis, founder of HOROD

HOROCD – Protect & Shine $50

Do I think its worth getting? To me, it is. While I don’t own many super fancy watches, I do love the pieces that I possess, and trying to keep them clean has resulted in some minor damage to some of them.

A bottle of HOROCD Protect and Shine retails for $50 and can last you ages, unless you have heaps of watches, then probably not. Their Specialised Cleaning Brush retails for $9 and is useful for getting into all those itty bitty nooks and crannies and their super luxe, almost velvety Microfibre Cleaning Cloth retails for $7. To me, this is a small price to pay to keep my watches shiny, clean and fabulous!

HOROCD products can be found here.