COVID-19 has changed how we live and made us rethink how we clean everything in our homes, from our groceries and deliveries to high-touch surfaces. While some high-touch surfaces are obvious, others are easier to forget, but just as important to keep clean.

High-touch areas are basically the items we and the others we share our space with, touch most often, and for that reason, these items are also perfect breeding grounds for germs. Here are five often overlooked areas to add to your cleaning list.

The Flush Handle

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to clean properly to prevent the spread of disease. And while most of us disinfect or wipe down the countertop and doorknob daily, many skip or miss cleaning the flush handle.

If you share your toilet with a house mate, be sure to clean the handle daily with a disinfectant spray or wipe. If you live alone, be sure to clean the handle every few days at the very least.

Spectacles And Sunglasses

Most people don’t realise how dirty their eye glasses are and rarely, if ever wash them. Considering the fact that you touch your spectacles at least 20 times a day, it is covered in fingerprints and bacteria and should be washed at least once a day when you get home.

Simply rub the lenses, nose area and arms with dish soap and rinse off thoroughly with running water and wipe dry with your specs cloth (which should also be washed bi-weekly with laundry detergent but not softener) or a three-ply facial tissue.

The Steering Wheel

If you drive, be sure to wipe down areas like the steering wheel, turn signal, centre console, gear stick, and seat. Keeping an extra container of alcohol based disinfecting wipes in your car to make quick wipe downs easier.

The Switches And Knobs On Your Appliance

We are all guilty for forgetting about the knobs and buttons on our stovetop, dishwasher, microwave, TV and aircon remote etc.

Think about all of the appliances around your home, including the washer and dryer and clean each knob and button with a disinfecting wipe containing alcohol. If you’re using a spray, spritz a cloth first to avoid getting liquid behind the control panel.

Your Credit Cards, Keys And Purse

Make it a habit to disinfect your car keys, credit card, keys and key chain and purse and handbag when you walk through your door. When cleaning a credit card, spray a disinfecting cleanser onto a cloth first rather than directly onto the card and avoid scrubbing the magnetic strip.

To disinfect your leather purse when you get home, use a bleach and alcohol-free disinfecting wipe. You can even wipe your purse and handbag with a damp cloth with a drop of mild dish soap. Just be sure to rinse the area and dry it thoroughly, since water can be damage leather.

We hope these tips will help prevent you from contaminating your home. When you get back home, be sure to take off your shoes at the door and place all the bags and items that need to be disinfected on the table so you can clean them all at the same time, and disinfect the table or counter once you are done.