I have to admit that my taste buds were excited to try out four concoctions by Beyond Coffee, Singapore’s newest player in the local F&B scene. Serving creative, handcrafted beverages, Beyond Coffee aims to reinvent the current refreshment market by mixing unusual ingredient combinations that promise an unforgettable (and definitely delicious) taste experience.

All of the brand’s beverages are made using fresh ingredients and mixology methods. The fruits are cold pressed to preserve its nutrients and vitamins, and lower GI gula melaka is used in place of refined sugar.

With floor to ceiling windows boasting a view of Sentosa, this is a great location to relax, unwind, and enjoy a really good drink. With its industrial decor coupled with a fun and definitely Insta-worthy mural hand painted by local artist Della Chen of DC Mural Arts, you can also update your IG with a few selfies while you sip and enjoy some precious me-time.

The menu features over 20 drinks across five categories: Signatures – for coffee-based drinks prepared using a local in-house signature blend of coffee. Crafted – developed for tea-lovers, carries fruity flavours paired with fragrant Oolong and Jasmine teas that are freshly brewed in-house.
Addiction – features drinks with an uncommon blend of flavours like salted egg yolk, in Crack Me Up and for coffee purists looking for a more traditional mid day pick-me-up there is the Classic​ collection – with its range of Americanos and Lattes to choose from.

“​We wanted to create a brand that offers everyone in Singapore delicious drinks that are not your run-of-the-mill flavours; using ingredients that are not typically seen together, like tomato juice and coffee,”​ ​- Jeremy, Co-Founder of Beyond Coffee​.

My Must-Try Drinks Selection

Melaka Rhapsody $5.90 is a rich, creamy and decadent concoction of gula melaka boba, coffee jelly and salty cheese foam. This was the first drink that I tried from the brand and I absolutely loved it. It’s the sort of drink you should get to cheer yourself up or as a treat. The combination of coffee jelly pieces and freshly made chewy gula melaka boba is a real delight.

Something about Mary $7.50 I must admit that the first sip I took of this drink was a bit of a shock to my taste buds, but after the second sip, I have to admit that it was delightfully refreshing and the perfect drink to have on a hot sunny day, and one that I would definitely order again.

It’s an artful combination of bitter black coffee with the tartness of passion fruit combined with the sweetness of apple juice, finished off with slices of lemon and and torched rosemary sprigs, that give the drink its defining smoky herbaceous flavour.

Momotaro $7.90 this is a tasty milky and fruity concoction with crunchy fresh strawberries, peaches and freshly brewed jasmine tea. Topped with a smooth and salty cheese foam.

Krabi Orange $7.90, is the perfect refreshing thirst quencher on a hot sweltering day and was also my favourite drink from the four that I tried.

It’s an icy, delicious and refreshing blend of lemongrass, lemon and orange shaken with freshly brewed jasmine tea leaves from Taiwan. Bursting with orange pulp and fresh cold-pressed fruit juices, this is a definite must for everyone!

Located at VivoCity #02-135/136, Beyond Coffee is open 11am to 10pm daily and is a definite must visit for their creative and definitely delicious coffee and non-coffee creations.