By Aimee L

I have fine hair and an oily scalp so I need to wash my hair daily or face looking super greasy. Another thing that makes me look like I am suffering from premature balding is when the weather gets too hot and my scalp gets sweaty, making my hair look even thinner than it is.

In the past, I have used different brands of dry shampoo to give my hair a mid-day boost, but the products always left a powdery white coating on my scalp, and made my hair and look even worse than it did, so since then, I have kept away from such products, until today.

These completely clear, residue-free Invisible Dry Shampoo+ collection by Marc Anthony is a great way to refresh your hair while getting the personalized finish you need. The products are also free from sulphates, SLS, parabens and phthalates.

But what makes this collection unique is that each of the five variants of Invisible Dry Shampoo+ is created for a specific hair concern and can be used on any coloured hair, even the blackest of the black and oh yeah, they smell amazing!

If You Have Fine Or Limp Hair

If you have fine, limp hair, daily washing is not going to stop it from looking like you fell into a pot of cooking fat when the weather gets hot and humid.

To make things easier, I have categorised the five variants based on hair type/texture. So if you have limp, greasy hair or just want to add some volume or scent before heading out or styling with either Dry Shampoo+ Volume (this is my favourite scent by the way) or Dry Shampoo+ Texture & Waves.

If You Have Frizzy, Dry Or Dull Hair

For those of you with second day frizz, dullness and dryness try Dry Shampoo+ Defrizz (smells delicious, like a vanilla cupcake), Dry Shampoo+ Shine or Dry Shampoo+ Hydrating (another favourite, this smells so fresh and clean). 

This range is formulated with Abyssinian Oil, nature’s super oil for hydrated, shiny, frizz-free hair.

After trialing this range, I am totally into dry shampoos! While I still wash my hair daily, I find myself spraying these on, to give my hair a boost of volume, freshness and scent throughout the day.

I think that this is a great product to have at work and also at home for those times when you need to go out, but your hair smells and looks less than perfect.

I tested of the five variants and they are all invisible and residue-free. This is thanks to a little molecule called Zeolite. Zeolites are clear molecules that act like empty cages that trap built-up dirt, grime and grease. It can also be brushed out instantly for hair that looks, smells and feels fresher and cleaner.

The new Marc Anthony Invisible Dry Shampoo is available at Watsons and retails for $14.90.