Yogafest Virtual 2020 will go live from Saturday June 20th to Friday July 3rd. The world’s first 14-day festival with 120 classes by both international and local experts will offer a variety of live-streamed class experiences in the safety and comfort of your own home.

If you are a beginner, no worries because there will be classes for all levels, with thousands of yogis from around the world coming together in unity.

Get Set For A 14-Day Yoga Journey

Wake up to daily Perk Up Mornings set to boost immunity with daily breathing exercises, morning meditation and yoga to stimulate your thymus gland and detox your body.

Then its strength and endurance building with Power Lunches. Late afternoons, Accept the Challenge to Handstands, where you can journey into “The World of Handstands”, a 14-day class programme of safe techniques and progressions to get you strong and comfortable being upside down. If that’s not your thing, get into the Yoga Pose of The Day, where you can learn to perfect a yoga pose each day. 

Wind down with Restorative Evenings, with deep stretches, grounding sessions, to soothe your body and ease into the evenings. Meditate to a calmer, deeper state of sleep. There will also be personal well-being classes such as Gratitude Journaling Meditative Soundscape.

Come explore Discovery Weekends, a 12-hour immersion of back to back yoga (9am to 9pm, Saturdays and Sundays!) with a variety of classes such as Budokon Yoga, AcroYoga and much more including family bonding classes like Family Meditation and Kids Yoga.

Tickets to Yogafest Virtual 2020 can be bought online here. Tickets are at $15 to access the entire 14-day festival, plus sign-up by 14th June to get access to 3 months of on-demand videos of all festival classes