By Aimee L

My editor passed these bags to me to test out because she said that I use way too much plastic in my life. To be fair, I have over the years worked hard to reduce my use of plastic, but since the pandemic, I admit that I have let things slide a bit.

A not often talked about problem that COVID-19 has caused is the huge increase in medical waste. People are buying, wearing and tossing out non-biodegradable masks, gloves and other such PPE all around the world and the waste is piling up, and the last thing the world needs is me adding to this growing problem.

I have never used a silicone bag before to be quite frank, so this was quite a fun assignment. Lexngo’s Silicone Flexi e-Zip bags are made from 100% food grade silicone. These bags are cute, smart, strong, non-toxic and reusable. They are also the perfect eco-friendly solution to replacing single-use plastic storage bags for once and for all.

To Store Your Groceries Or Food

Instead of packing my uncooked frozen meat in plastic ziploc bags like I used to do, I now use the Silicone Flexi e-Zip Bags (Small), $40 and wash it out and reuse it.

It is also great for storing fresh loose produce like fruits, vegetables and even meat, while shopping at the supermarket. With its 100% food grade silicone and BPA-free properties, the bags are safe to store warm or cold items and can be placed directly into the freezer or microwave without releasing chemicals into the food or altering the taste.

The bags are also waterproof and durable and with a smart e-Zip and see-through design to keep the contents fresh and contained with its airtight seal. The Silicone Flexi e-Zip Bag (small) is dishwasher-safe and has a capacity of 1,400ml and measures 18 x 18 x 6.5cm.

To Prevent Contaminating Your Surgical Masks And Yourself

Unused surgical masks should be stored in an airtight bag to prevent contamination, while used masks should be responsibly disposed of in the trash or if you need to reuse it again while on the go, it should not be stuffed into your bag or pocket (the front of the mask is teeming with germs) but in an airtight bag to prevent contaminating your bag, pocket etc.

When on-the-go, I have started to use the Silicone Reusable Fly Bag, $40 with its e-Zip design to keep the bag completely sealed and secure. If I store my used mask in the bag, I make sure to wash it out thoroughly when I get back home.

To Store Your Wet Brolly Or Slippers

To store your wet umbrella, slippers, raincoat or anything that needs to be sealed to prevent it messing up or leaking into your handbag, the Silicone Flexi e-Zip Bag Long, $40 works great. Measuring 29 x 11.5 x 5.7cm (1,100ml) and available in blue or light blue, it’s slim enough to hold all your messy bits without taking up too much space in your handbag.

Since testing out these bags, I have found that it has cut down on my use of single-use plastics completely. I like the fact that these bags are strong, they are sealable and they are so easy to use, clean and store.

Till the end of June 2020, you can receive a complimentary Lexngo Resealable Reusable Straw (this has got to be the smartest reusable straw that I have used) with every purchase of the e-Zip bags via Lexngo’s online store. Shop the full Lexngo collection online here, at selected ToTT outlets, The Social Space and TANGS at Tang Plaza.