I take pride in the fact that my home smells amazing. I am not trying to be boasty, but when random strangers, including my post-lady takes the time to tell me how lovely my house smells, well…

Plus it is also not an easy task to keep a home smelling fresh and fab when you share it with animals, some of whom have flatulence issues.

I find that scents are a great way to create the perfect ambience, and there are studies that have shown that essential oils have the ability to impact our mood and health, this is especially important now, when we are spending most of our time at home in lockdown.

Essential oils do more than simply freshen up a room, they are also able to stimulate the brain to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and bring about happiness.

Here are some of my favourite home scents that help make my space feel like a blissful sanctuary, cut away from all the madness and noise.

Luxury Home Scents

When bespoke Parisian haute couture perfume house Maison 21G launched their first ever range of four, 100% natural scents for the home, I had to try them out. These scents promise to purify the air and uplift the mood with a blend of pure essential oils.

Before we go any further, you need to understand that these are not your mother’s ‘air fresheners‘. These room scents will not leave your house reeking of cheap synthetic scent that does nothing more than mask one odour with another, while flooding your home with harmful, possibly carcinogenic chemicals. No siree, these scents will leave your home smelling like a high end boutique, expensive, exclusive and oh so fancy.

Blended from high-quality essential oils like sage, mate tea, peppermint, litsea cubeba, basil, star anise, lavender, tonka bean, rose, cedarwood and orange blossom, each scent has a minimum 80% alcohol content for cleanliness and protection. The four pure essential oils-based scents contain active ingredients to counteract both germs as well as unpleasant smells in the home and feature the proven relaxation benefits of aromatherapy, are 100% eco-friendly and suitable for children and those with allergies.

Freshwith ginger and mint, featuring the natural essential oils of ginger, peppermint, spearmint, lemon, bergamot, orange, lime, juniper, litsea cubeba, and buchu is an energising fragrance that uplifts and brightens the mood. I love the scent of lemons and this is one of my favourite variants which I spray all around the house.

Pure’ with sage and tea, features the natural essential oils of sage, mate tea, rosemary, anise, basil grand vert, bergamot, lavender, mint, and immortelle effectively deodorises and eliminates noxious odours. Based on the natural revitalising powers of sage and the antibacterial properties of rosemary, ‘Pure’ balances the senses and purifies undesirable odours with mate tea and basil. While I love its effectiveness, from the four varients, this was my least favourite as I found the scent to be too strong.

Relax with neroli & rose, which I love, features the natural essential oils of rose, orange blossom, mate tea, blood orange, petit grain, jasmine, bergamot, clove & cedarwood, has a wonderful soothing and gentle aroma that calms and relaxes. I use this around the house in the evenings and in the bedroom.

Sleep’ with lavender and tonka is made with a blend of lavender, sage, lavandin, tonka, bergamot, lemon, juniper, clove bud, cedarwood, cypress, labdanum cistus, and immortelle essential oils and is a warm, subtly sweet and powdery scent that soothes and relaxes. This soothing combination is best used on pillows and bedding but I also spray it around the room prior to retiring for the night as I love how wonderful it makes my room smell.

Each of these luxurious home scent retails for $60, while a set of four fragrances is available for $180. To get yourself a bottle or four, go here.

If You Prefer Stick Diffusers

Stick diffusers are the perfect low-maintenance way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils and indulge in aromatherapy. Diffusers like this work best in small, ventilated spaces like your bedroom, study or bathroom versus a large open space like your living and dining room. I usually have a stick diffuser in the bathroom, which totally elevates my daily ablutions.

If you are new to the brand, Thann is a luxury Thai brand of skin and body care formulated with natural botanical ingredients. Their custom blend of essential oils smell absolutely amazing and one of my favourite scents they carry is Eden Breeze.

Eden Breeze Aroma Diffuser Greek Bottle 150ml, $80 is a beautiful feminine, warm and sensual blend of jasmine and rose essential oils. The scent is reminescent of a garden in full bloom and is said to boost the mood and help with circulation.

If Candles Are More Your Vibe

I absolutely adore scented candles which is why you will find one in every room of my house. Nothing makes a place feel cozier than a scented candle. Candles are the perfect tool for setting the mood, and creating a warm and relaxing ambience.

But it’s important to remember that not all scented candles are the same. Candles with paraffin and synthetic scents are often cheap and freely available and also not the best thing for your health. So if you are a candle newbie, I would suggest investing in a candle made with soy or apricot wax and scented with pure essential oils, over the synthetic cheaper options available.

I love the scent of Thann’s Eden Breeze Candle, $45 for 190g. It’s made with no parabens, artificial colours, or paraffin. It is also smokeless and made from a 100% palm oil base and has a burn time of 30 hours.

To get yourself a candle, diffuser or any of their products, go to Thann.com.sg 

Because most of us work crazy hours and spend more time at work than we do at home, we often tend to neglect our living space.

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be the first place you run to, to escape from the hustle and bustle of the rat race. So surround yourself with things and scents that you love and come another lockdown, you will be more than happy to stay at home.