Fragrance has always been very important to me. Which is why I take great care to select a scent that not just ‘speaks’ to me, but is unusual enough to be noticed.

My love for fragrance started at a very young age. My first ever perfume was a bottle of Miss Dior that my mother gifted to me when I was still in my early tweens. Even at that age, I was enamoured by the woody and exotic scent that was so unlike the cloyingly sweet perfumes that my classmates gravitated towards.

Fragrance to me is an important part of my image and signature style and each of my perfumes are able to arouse a specific memory or emotion within me. In fact because the olfactory bulb and cortex are so close to the hippocampus and amygdala, certain smells are able to induce and trigger memories, even those long forgotten, such is the power of scent.

When I found out about Maison 21G, a Parisian Haute Couture perfume house that gives consumers the chance to tailor-make their own signature scent, I was intrigued. Based on machine learning, their AI-powered app helps you to combine the right ingredients according to your personality, needs and taste.

With over 33 pairable perfume essences to choose from, you have over 800 possibilities to create your own scent. Each perfume is freshly blended and refillable, making it one of the few sustainable options available in the industry.

Create Your Own Bespoke Scent

You can choose your scent at the store (once the circuit breaker measures come to an end of course) or if you are impatient like me, you can create your own bespoke scent online.

The steps are simple. Go to, and decide if you want to create a scent based on your personality (which is what I chose), an existing fragrance you love or your favourite ingredient.

The quiz takes 2-3 minutes and works to determine your likes and dislikes before it gives you two scent options. One for day and one for night. I selected the day option since my nights are spent at home hanging out with my two cats and dog, who prefer me fragrance free (true story).

What You Can Expect

Every creation at Maison 21G contains 21% of perfume concentrate (well above the industry average of 12%) and is fully customisable. UV printing gives you the option of personalizing your bottle design.

At Maison 21G, everyone walks away with an Eau de Parfum, and never anything less. All their perfumes are cruelty free, without preservatives, GMOs, CMR substances or phthalates which is good news to us all.

Final Verdict

I received my perfume a few days after making my selection and I love it. It is highly concentrated and can last you the whole day. The bottle is beautiful in it simplicity and my only regret is not selecting the night option, which I suspect I would have enjoyed more than the day option I ended up picking.

Priced at just $80 with free delivery, I think this is an absolute steal and would definitely recommend giving it a try. Just be honest with your responses to the questions asked and you won’t regret the final product.

Exciting News

Here’s some welcome happy news, Maison 21G has just launched its exclusive monthly subscription model Club 21G

Each month, subscribers will receive a mystery box with 2x 5ml roll-on perfumes, sent directly to their door, allowing them over time to discover the endless possibilities of perfume combinations and mixes and cheer them up during the current lockdown period!