By Aimee L

There is a good reason why Taiwanese beauty brands – Forest Beauty, For Beloved Girl and Crème of Jing Cheng have become such popular must-have items on every beauty junkie’s vanity.

These three brands marry the best of nature with technology, so while you may still find brands claiming to use natural ingredients in their products, these three cult favourites make sure to test their ingredients in their laboratories first, to ensure and certify their efficacy.

When It Comes To Sheet Masks

Specialising in a range of beauty masks, Forest Beauty and For Beloved Girl are the two skincare brands that target common skin conditions in users between the ages of 16 to thirty something. The masks are formulated with extensive cosmetical research and development by dermatologists, while keeping affordability and ease-of-use in mind.

Available in both eye and facial masks, Forest Beauty products are formulated using naturally derived, botanical extracts and ingredients and is gentle enough for all skin types. The face mask comes in two series – Luxurious Golden/Silver Foil Series which nourishes and revitalizes the skin, and Natural Botanical Series which reduces wrinkles and promotes skin radiance.

Luxurious Golden/Silver Foil Series $36.90 for a pack of three

Forest Beauty masks not only adhere well to the skin, they are also non-allergenic and free of harmful parabens and phthalates. Some of their best-sellers include the organic cotton masks and 100% non-bleached cotton masks, as they are safe to use even for people who have extremely sensitive skin.

Natural Botanical Series $18.90 for a pack of three

Forest Beauty products are available at all Watsons retail stores and online, Qoo10, Ezbuy, Shopee, Amazon and Redmart.

For Beloved Girl facial masks are made with essential minerals and other ingredients to combat six different types of common skin issues – dry skin, dullness, enlarged pores, ageing skin, puffiness and oily skin – while providing rich hydration (equivalent to 1.88 bottles of mineral water spray) in each mask.

For Beloved Girl – Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask Series $19.90 for a pack of three

The revolutionary “Cloud-Silk” material is manufactured using the latest textile technology with no adhesives or chemical additives. Intricately woven, its elasticity allows the mask to fully cover the face without missing a spot.

The ultrafine and ultrathin texture helps to lock in moisture and serum for effective absorption, and my skin looked and felt so bouncy the next morning after using the mask above. This has got to be one of the best fitting masks that I have tested.

For Beloved Girl products are available at selected Watsons retail stores, Sephora ION and The Airport Pharmacy at Changi Airport Terminal 4, as well as online channels including,, Qoo10, Ezbuy, Shopee, Amazon and Redmart.

When It Comes To Age-proofing Your Skin

Crème of Jing Cheng is an anti-ageing skincare brand developed by Taiwanese celebrity beauty consultant Niuer, who has accumulated over a decade of experience in research and development in beauty and skincare products.

Featuring two products in the lineup, Crème of Jing Cheng caters to women of ages 30 and above and is aimed at alleviating skin condition relating to ageing. Actuat E60®, a fusion of 60 natural plant extracts from oriental herbs and western aromatic plants, is the key ingredient in both products.

The Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate is a unique two-layered skin essence that can be blended into an intensive repair brightening complex. Together with other natural ingredients such as rose water and rosa rubiginosa seed oil, the Repairing Concentrate helps to reduce dryness and dark spots, while keeping the skin hydrated and sculpted, with results visible in just 14 days.

If you are looking to improve your skin’s elasticity, you should try the 5D Power V Firming Serum. Formulated with rye seed extract and SirtaliceTM, an active marine ingredient, the Serum helps to keep skin tighter and firmer, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Crème of Jing Cheng products are available at Qoo10, Ezbuy, Amazon, Shopee and Redmart. Follow Crème of Jing Cheng on Instagram at @JingChengSG and @cream.j.c