Stuck at home with no where to go? Well, let these colourful and eclectic artwork brighten your day and inspire you during the global lockdown!

If that beach holiday you had your heart set on got postponed or worse yet cancelled, check out artist E Langreiter’s unique mixed media work that offers viewers a delightful escape to paradise through her combination of patterns, colour, and interesting textures as well as its unique aerial perspective. 

Her work is influenced by her childhood memories of swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the outdoors in sunny Australia, and feature many little three-dimensional figures enjoying such pastimes.

Stare into Ronnie Ford’s lavender fields and apple blossoms. Scottish artist, Ronnie Ford, is the pioneer of “Texturescapes” – a scintillating coalescence of three-dimensional sculpture and painting,  His highly textured work paired with vibrant and contrasting colour is evocative, reinventing the idyllic lavender fields of Provence and other scenes from his travels, mostly in France, in an imaginative and whimsical manner.

Be drawn into Soe Soe’s rice paddy fields with his clever use of perspective and colours. Featuring landscapes of Northern Myanmar and Southern China, Soe Soe’s own searching experiments in figure-compositions led him to evolve his own identity and style. Eager to keep up with the spirit of his time, his refreshing compositions are characterized by Soe’s ability to galvanize such deceptively common-place elements such as design, simplicity, clarity and austerity and create the best visual effects. 

Christian Pendelio’s work often depict his characters on a journey towards a far destination or heading home after a long voyage with rich symbols and intricate details in each piece. He explores ancient genres such as allegories, illumination, and surrealism while his comic readings further helped him in his ability to tell a story through his paintings and style.

Chansrinual’s remarkable mountainous works are highly textured and monochromatic, inspiring awe and arousing the viewer’s curiosity. The simplicity laid the groundwork for a new technique that he formally established. In his newer series of works, the artist starts by melting and squeezing solid acrylic before overlaying and implanting them into the canvas. 

Enjoy the canals of Venice from a 3-dimensional perspective which seems to be a trick to the sight. Patrick Hughes created “Reverspective”, an optical illusion on a three-dimensional surface where the parts of the picture which seem farthest away are actually physically the nearest. His fascination with Venice is often reflected in his eye-level waterways.

Viewers will find a mix of ancient Japan and contemporary Japanese culture in Hiro Ando’s thought provoking sculptures, using various materials such as fibre resin, stainless steel, and mixed media. Hiro Ando’s Cat-sculptures in its many form – sumo or samurai warrior – create a contemporary dialogue between Japan’s past and present culture, while still remaining strongly rooted in the complexities of Japanese history and society.

Self-taught artist Gaulthier’s whimsical style, described as “anthropomorphic realism”, is a culmination of her personal experiences residing in urban and rural settings. Primarily motivated by a deep love for aesthetics, her works are influenced by vintage and modern graphic design. She humorously depicts her animal subjects as ‘collectors’, who collect objects such as flowers, china, books, and baked goods.

The increasing travel bans have hindered existing and potential travel plans for the rest of this year, but staying home does not have to be a bad thing. We hope that these colourful and eclectic artwork from Ode to Art will help brighten up your day!