The global pandemic and lockdown has had a devastating effect on wildlife and animals across the globe. While people lament at being stuck at home with nothing to do, once loved pets are being abandoned or killed out of ignorance and senseless fear and strays and wildlife that relied on the kindness of their feeders and benefactors are quietly starving to death.

In Thailand, Dozens of elephant trekking camps have closed due to lack of income and around 1,000 elephants are in danger of starvation now that tourists have disappeared.

If there is no support forthcoming to keep them safe, these elephants (some of whom are pregnant), will either starve to death or may be put onto the streets to beg. Alternatively, some may be sold to zoos and some may be returned to the logging business (which officially banned the use of elephants in 1989 due to the cruelty of the industry).

Trunks Up has promised to match, dollar for dollar of up to $45,000 in donations. The funds could be used immediately to buy food, for urgent vet care for the wounds these elephants are now starting to inflict upon each other, and transport for the most vulnerable to a safe sanctuary.

Time is of the essence and we are calling on people to examine their conscience, philanthropists and companies who have philanthropic funds to step in and help this cause.

It is only with the help from the global community that earth’s largest living animal, who are already at risk of extinction by 2040 according to WWF, can be saved.

Even the smallest amount will help, so please donate and share with your network!

Here’s How You Can Donate

TRUNKS UP ( is a certified supporting organization which is currently MATCHING all donations, dollar for dollar, up to US$45,000.

Donations can be made via the site at this link:

Where The Money Will Go:

$30 will feed an elephant for a day

$20 will feed a dog or cat for one week
$10 will feed a pig, cow or buffalo for one week

$ 8 will feed a monkey for one week
$ 5 will feed a rabbit for one week

We have also made a donation, because at Lifestyle Collective, we are all huge animal lovers, so please help us raise as much funds for these animals as possible, it’s the least we can do!