This product couldn’t have come at a better time. While the smart ones amongst us are fratically scrubbing at our mobile phones with alcohol wipes, Ante decided to make our lives easier with the new Lexuma XGerm Pro, a multi-functional mobile UV Sanitiser.

While many of us (sadly not everyone is as hygenic as they should be – you know who you are) diligently wash and sanitise our hands, we tend to forget that our mobile devices are cess-pits of germs and even possibly fecal matter if you take it onto the toilet with you. 

The Lexuma XGerm Pro is a multi-functional device that thoroughly eliminates 99.99% of the invisible and hidden bacteria residing on your devices and small items. 

Equipped with two ultraviolet lamps, one fixed on the top and the other on the bottom of the device, the Lexuma XGerm Pro has been tested by independent third-party laboratories and is scientifically proven to effectively kill 99.99% of the germs on everyday items including phones, glasses, keys and even toothbrushes.  

The Lexuma XGerm Pro is engineered to automatically begin sanitising the item once the user has placed the gadget (that is no larger than 6.5 inches in length) and closed the lid of the device.

A red light will indicate the beginning and end of the sterilisation process which will take an estimated 6-15 minutes. Compatible with most smartphone models including iPhones and Android Smartphones, the Lexuma XGerm Pro features low voltage requirements and is also compactly designed.

Portable, fuss-free, safe and effective, the Lexuma XGerm Pro is truly essential for all, especially during this current pandemic. We should add a disclaimer that while we have not tested the product ourselves, it does sound quite handy and we thought that it was definitely worth sharing.

The Lexuma XGerm Pro is now available at Ante at $79. Enjoy free local shipping for orders above $80!