A nod of approval from the royal family is a big deal. When Kate Middleton, wore British costume jewellery brand Accessorize £5 Twisted Circle Drop Earrings last week, the brand’s online sales increased.

Before that, when it was found out that Kate Middleton, was a fan of Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, the organic formula from New Zealand sold out on boots.com in a single weekend. Such is the influence of the Royals.

Image courtesy Trilogy.com

If you are more a fan of Meghan Markle, just ask British facialist Sarah Chapman whose brand awareness in the States grew because of her connection with her.

Getting back to Kate, while she has worn the brand before, each time she does, the item in question goes up in demand. In fact last year, they completely sold out on the pair that she wore.

Another thing that her die-hard fans probably appreciate is the fact that when her choices are affordable, it allows them to also purchase something that has met with her approval.

Image courtesy The Sun

Kate was seen wearing her new Accessorize earrings (above) with a vintage outfit for an evening reception in Dublin.