By Aimee L

Your brows introduce you before you speak” That’s because if our face was a painting, our brows would be the frame. If the frame is beautiful, it will complement the painting and not distract from its beauty.

On the other hand, an ugly frame around a beautiful painting can make the painting look unattractive, and that’s precisely what badly shaped eyebrows do to a person’s face.

Estée Lauder recently launched their Featherlight Brow Enhancer which uses a weightless, buildable ink with an ultra-fine tip to create precise, feather-light soft strokes, and I got to take it for a spin to see if it is worth its price.

My brows are naturally very sparse and while I do get them shaped every two or three weeks, let’s just say that they don’t do much to frame my face.

The brow enhancer is available in five natural shades – blonde, light brunette, chestnut, dark brunette and black. I tried all the shades and even the ‘blonde’ shade worked for me and gave my brows a very natural filled-in shadow-effect, so do try out the different colours on offer.

It promises eight hours of budge-proof wear, is sweat and humidty-resistant and smudge and transfer-proof. I wore mine over a face of greasy sunscreen, and it drew on perfectly.

If you prefer dark intense brows, not an issue because the sheer formula is buildable and you will just need several more strokes for more intensity. I personally really liked it because it was the only brow product that I have used that gave me a totally natural finish and filled in the empty spots, without being too obvious.

Most brow products in the market are either too intense or they draw on faint and vanish half way through the day. This feels like a cross between a very fine paintbrush and felt tip, and the best part is that you don’t need mad brow skills to make it work.

The product is very forgiving and you can expect to come away with really natural looking brows in under three minutes. The Featherlight Brow Enhancer retails for $50 at all Estee Lauder stores islandwide.