In our tech-fuelled fast-paced world, putting pen to paper seems to have fallen out of style. In fact in Finland, the school system has even done away with teaching students cursive handwriting in a move to modernise their classrooms. 

But in an effort to save this dying art, Malaysia-based Lineae, are fighting in handwriting’s corner with their beautiful line of products that is sure to get you started on your handwritten journey. 

The beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny, of human handwriting.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion

Image courtesy of Katie Leamon

There’s something therapeutic about being able to physically write down your thoughts on a beautifully bound journal, after a hectic day at work or school.

The benefits of handwriting 

Writing by hand has a significant impact on the development of fine motor skills and encourages growth in areas of the brain that typing does not.

Brain scans have shown that cursive handwriting promotes activity in thinking, language, and even memory. Importantly, it also helps children learn to read and write the alphabet faster and can help them quickly master the fundamentals of communication.

While not directly impacting the same parts of the brain as playing catch, writing by hand also has a substantial effect on hand-eye coordination and helps improve concentration.  

Aside from the developmental positives of handwriting, it also offers a personal touch to any gift or letter. It’s extra special to open a handwritten note or flick through the beautifully crafted pages of a homemade scrapbook. It shows the recipient that time and effort has gone into a thoughtful gift made especially for them.

Besides, no love letter was ever typed up on a word processor or famous sonnet printed on a LaserJet. 

Often the most overlooked aspect of writing by hand is the meditative qualities it possesses and the knock-on effect it has on mental health. It allows you to get your thoughts down on paper and process how you feel about them. Journal writing is a way to declutter your mind, take a step back from your ideas, and process them in a meaningful way. Sticking to a scheduled handwriting session, particularly before bed, means you get to write down everything that’s bothered you throughout the day. Saving yourself from a thought filled night’s sleep. 

Rediscover the craft of writing with Lineae 

Lineae is an online retailer of high-end, high-quality stationery. In a world that prioritises convenience and expedience, Lineae encourages us to slow down and appreciate beauty — the simple pleasures of writing by hand, in a beautifully-bound notebook.

Designs of their products are aesthetically pleasing; both the designs and the methods of production are often inspired by the respective cultures of the studios’ home countries.

Support Sustainable Independent Stores

Supporting small independent studios with a unique creative vision is essential to help them reach a wider audience. As an online retailer of stationery goods, Lineae prides itself on partnering with excellent designers.

Ola has put a considerable emphasis on the materials they use and stick to traditional crafting methods that are inspired by architecture. Katie Leamon is a family-run studio that has built their abstract inspired products around the local community and opted away from the mass-market. They champion sustainability and aim to be plastic-free by the end of 2020. 

Image courtesy of Katie Leamon

Be sure to Indulge yourself and take the time to give your thoughts some time to air. Boost your hand-eye coordination or create that handmade gift you always wanted to surprise a loved one with.

Cosy up on a rain-soaked Sunday and write your partner that love letter. Whatever your goal, make handwriting your next pet project and give yourself the break you deserve.

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