Being a freelancer comes with multiple benefits, from flexible working hours to the freedom of being able to take on multiple clients at the same time. This probably explains why freelancing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 165,975 #freelancewriters posts on Instagram as of now.

However, freelancing comes with its own set of challenges- one of the biggest struggles being earning money. According to a 2019 survey, in which over 1400 freelance writers from different parts of the world participated, around one-third said that they make less than $20 an hour.

While another report published by Forbes, more than 58% freelancers in four major Southeast Asian countries- Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam revealed that they were not getting paid at all.

To address this issue, Malaysia-based Monster Scape Sdn Bhd – a leading Malaysian publishing technology company has launched an AI publishing platform called MOPress

What Is MOPress And Why Should Freelancers Care?

MOPress is an AI-publishing platform that empowers writers and journalists by providing them with a new avenue to put their content up for sale and work directly with publishers. A lot of young writers as well as retired journalists are leveraging MOPress all over the world by creating high-quality content and monetizing it.

There are three options for content writers to earn money with MOPress:

  • Selling content in the open market where anyone can purchase the license to reuse their content
  • Selling content exclusively to a particular publisher
  • Generating money with the content on a per-view basis rather than upfront fee, so great content that generates views is compensated accordingly

MOPress has flexible payment options that allow writers to be compensated well for high performing content. Hence, they don’t have to stick to a fixed rate card for all types of content.

Leveraging Technology For Content Creativity

Currently, the AI tools available on the MOPress platform leverages on available data to help content creators find the right kind of employers in their field of writing. This not only helps improve compatibility between writers and publishers/employers but also saves time and money in content research and creation. It reduces editorial costs by around 50% and maintenance and services cost by almost 80%.

MOPress leverages Artificial Intelligence to help journalists create more engaging content. AI tools currently being developed on the MOPress platform include interactive content tools, programmatic capabilities, text to audio and video conversion, user segmentation, and forecasting tools for the virality of content. With these tools, writers are empowered to develop and enhance content for their stories effectively. 

What Is In It For Employers Of Freelance Writers?

With the proliferation of the internet and social media, one modern marketing mainstay is content marketing: boosting brand visibility through distributing high-quality articles, videos and visuals. However, engaging in successful content marketing is not easy. MOPress connects companies to writers from all over the world. Corporate clients get on-demand access to over 3,000 content creators (and growing) of all experiences and backgrounds. 

MOPress enables brands to produce engaging content that is valuable to readers, in turn helping to grow companies’ audiences through compelling content marketing. MOPress has already proven the success of their service by transforming the business model of Chinese language news portal By completely outsourcing content creation to MOJOs, Tantannews was able to lower overhead costs and improve monthly readership to over six million page views a month.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of the evolving media industry in Malaysia and the rest of the region. Our AI tools on the MOPress platform will help publishers create engaging and high-quality content easily and efficiently. The way we consume media is always changing. With MOPress, publishers will finally have the tools available to stay ahead of the curve and sustainably grow and build their readership.” – Sean Teoh, CEO and Founder of Monster Scape Sdn Bhd

How To Get Started

MOPress has a very smooth and easy-to-use interface. To start making money as a freelance writer, visit and click on the ‘Sign Up as MOJO’ button. Enter your name, email address and set up a login password. Verify your email address (check the Spam folder for the verification code if you don’t receive it in your inbox), and you are all set.