Christmas just went by in a flash and in next to no time it’s going to be Chinese New Year, and I am still digesting all that turkey and stuffing, not to mention the three Christmas cakes that I consumed.

While my friends and colleagues are all aflutter about their #CNYOOTD, I am more focussed on being able to see my feet over my suddenly inflated belly.

It All Starts With Glowing Skin

The absolute worst thing you could do is to visit the relatives with dull and sallow skin, unless you want to listen to them bend your ear about your genetically superior cousin with “boing boing” skin.  

Also, quit piling on the BB and CC cream because it’s not going to do you much good if your skin looks like you haven’t exfoliated in a decade, so here’s a pro-tip, make an appointment with a trusted aesthetic doctor pronto and give your skin a quick boost with laser rejuvenation.

If you are a laser newbie, let me just say that if you want poreless, glowing skin, laser rejuvenation is the best solution, which is why I made an appointment at Prive Clinic at Palais Renaissance in Orchard with Doctor Shirley Kwee, for my first PICO rejuvenation appointment.

The treatment was fast and completely painless. Because laser rejuvenation is not ablative, it does not require any numbing cream, has zero down-time and was completely painless. What you will feel (depending on the intensity) is a mild biting sensation, which is completely bearable.

Doctor Kwee blew cold air as she ran the laser over my face, all the while chatting about the setting she was using and the after-care I should follow. The entire experience was extremely pleasant and I was in and out of the clinic in half an hour.

The next day, my skin looked brighter and my pores less obvious. Doctor Kwee advised me to keep my skin well hydrated and protected from the sun, so I saturated my skin in as much hyaluronic acid-rich skincare products that I could find and the highest SPF cream in the market that I could get my hands on and did an impression of a vampire by avoiding direct sun exposure for the first week.

On the whole, I am totally loving how good my skin is looking! PICO Laser skin rejuvenation is priced at $538 nett and can be done every three to four weeks. Just be sure to keep your skin hydrated post treatment and avoid prolonged unprotected sun exposure for five days to a week. For more information or to book your first PICO trial at Prive Clinic, please call 9656 5380.

Brows On Fleek Are An Obvious Must

Nothing spoils a look more than badly done brows. The good news is that you still have time to get those brows on fleek, just grab that phone and make an appointment with Allure Beauty Saloon for a pair of Misty Eyebrows. For me, I will only entrust my brows to Joey Tnee at Allure Beauty Saloon, so much so that she has been doing my brows for over 10 years!

The reason I have been so loyal to Allure Beauty is that they are the pioneers of the creative eyebrow, and their attention to detail and skill to find the perfect brow shape to match your facial features, is truly next to none, and worth every single cent.

I had the Allure Misty Eyebrow which is a combination of base-colour together with carefully drawn strands of hair, to give my naturally raggedy brows much-needed volume and lushness. The reason Joey chose this particular brow for me was because I didn’t have much natural brow hairs and needed to have the bare bits filled up. The whole process was painless, (but if the numbing cream does wear off midway) simply let your brow artist know and she will apply some numbing lotion to make the whole process more comfortable.

The Misty Eyebrow is priced from $1477 onwards (depending on which brow artist you select) and can last you between two to four years. The aftercare is pretty straight forward, just try not to get your brows wet for the first five to seven days and use the soothing antiseptic ointment which is priced at $51.36 (purchased separately) three to five times a day for the first week.

The ointment prevents infection and also helps darken the colour and keeps your brows water resistant. Be sure to avoid extreme exercise, the kind that will have you sweating buckets, for the first few days and any facial treatment for the first two weeks, and your brows will last you for years!

You can find more information of the procedure here and to book your appointment with Allure Beauty Saloon call them at 6250 3382.

Freeze, Tighten And Smoothen Belly Flab

There is no point investing in that stunning DVF wrap dress or that lovely cheongsam if you look like you are carrying around a baby kangaroo in your belly pouch.

For those stubborn bits of fat and flab – think double-chin, armpit-fat, love handles, inner and outer thighs and belly, I would strongly recommend a medical treatment like Coolsculpt by Zeltiq that works. I would seriously advise you to give those slimming salon touted fat freezing gimmicks a miss and go straight to the doctor for this FDA approved and medically proven treatment. 

For my cake bulge, I visited Doctor Elias Tam from EHA Clinic located at Shaw Centre, Orchard. After discussing my unhealthy obsession with cake, Doctor Tam recommended that based on my bulge, I should consider Coolsmooth by Coolsculpt to freeze away my stubborn fat, combined with Indiba Body, to tighten, smoothen and firm any loose areas of skin after the fat has been frozen away. 

The problem areas are marked out
The applicator is attached

The new improved Coolsculpt treatment now takes only 30 minutes per area treated (in the past it was an hour). It was completely painless and didn’t cause any bruising or discomfort whatsoever. You can expect to see the full effect of the treatment after three months, while the skin smoothening and tightening effect of Indiba Body can be seen after the first session with the appearance of the skin getting better the more sessions you have.

The area is massaged and kneaded after the applicator is removed

Indiba body is priced at $380 (first trial, before GST) and Coolsmooth by Coolsculpt is $900 (before GST) per area. The best approach would be to combine the two treatments like I did, so that any loose skin after the excess fat has been flushed out via the lymphatic system can be tightened, smoothened and dare I say “ironed out”. 

For more information about the treatment, visit EHA Clinic or call them on 6235 3325 to book a Coolsculpt and Indiba appointment.

You still have just over two weeks before CNY to get yourself looking insta-ready, so be smart and take the easier route like I did, to looking fabulous this CNY.