Finding the right balance between work and personal life is arguably one of the biggest challenges in the digital era where everything is instant, and life is fast-paced. This issue becomes even more relevant when it comes to working moms. 

Trending tags like #workingmomguilt to #workingmomstruggles are quite popular on social media and reflect on the day-to-day struggles of a working mom. Singapore was among the bottom ten for work-life balance and ranked the second most overworked city in a study of 40 cities recently.

Trehaus, a modern day co-parenting workspace that launched recently, seeks to help working moms achieve the perfect work-life integration. With a Silicon-valley inspired Preschool, a cafeteria and a business centre – all under one roof, moms are able to work in close proximity to their kids.

With this new, site-specific concept helmed by TREHAUS SCHOOL, the new TREHAUS AT CITY HALL in Funan presents a modern village close to the CBD, and introduces incandescent, inspiring, and innovative offerings for children, moms and families.

Trehaus: Helping Moms Achieve Work-Life Balance

Born out of the desire to make true work-life integration a modern reality for working moms, Trehaus was launched in 2016 in the heart of Orchard Road to provide an office with a crèche and nursery in the same space. Trehaus created a modern village where the future family works, learns and plays together, under one roof, providing a solution for working moms to prioritize family while pursuing their career.

This year, the Trehaus brand came to the Central Business District (CBD), with the launch of TREHAUS AT CITY HALL, a brand new concept that is tailor-made to cater to the needs of working moms and their families in the city. The purpose is to change early education and raise changemakers of the future through TREHAUS SCHOOL, a childcare centre and pre-school like no other.  And, by offering an unparalleled proximity between moms and children, working moms are not forced to choose between family and career, and have the freedom and privilege to be close, participate, and be involved in their little ones’ growth.

Work-Life Integration For Freelancers, Remote Workers, Startups And Even Corporates

Trehaus found a place in the heart of the city, surrounded by offices and coworking spaces, to build a modern village, so working moms can be involved in their child’s learning journey.

At Trehaus, it’s not just freelancers and entrepreneurs who can enjoy job flexibility and work-life integration. With TREHAUS’ CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME, working professionals in SMEs and MNCs can enjoy work-life balance too. Companies now have an innovative and cost-effective solution to allow their employees to have flexible work arrangements and family-friendly benefits. Employees can be close to their little ones in the creche or school while they get some work done in the parents’’ workplace under the same roof.

“The world is changing. Working parents today don’t want to have to choose between career and family. And with Trehaus, they don’t have to be bound to an office desk away from their children from 9 to 6 and miss out on being present in their children’s fleeting first years. Trehaus is excited to be at the forefront of a changing workplace culture.”, shared Trehaus co-founder and CEO Dr Elaine Kim.

A Holistic Space Where There’s Something For Everyone

From kids to working moms and families, Trehaus offers something for everyone.

Headed by a team of professional early childhood educators and caregivers, TREHAUS SCHOOL caters to children from two months to six years of age and has a capacity to accommodate over 100 children. Not bound by a single pedagogy, TREHAUS SCHOOL has a tailored programme that promises to place character and individuality at the heart of development.

In addition, further facilitating quality time between moms and their children during the precious, formative early years, Trehaus features a family club that offers member families access to a delightful indoor playground cafe, private events, workshops and themed play dates. The TREHAUS CLUB also offers curated enrichment programs, such as football, Mandarin, music and coding.

Trehaus creates a beautiful space where moms and kids can find a magical home away from home. Trehaus seeks to lead this work culture change and help create an ecosystem where working moms (and dads alike) can happily pursue their careers without having to stay away from their kids for long hours.