By Linsy Hilton

Solo travel as a woman is empowering. It’s a chance to feel bad-ass and push out of your comfort zone without anyone holding your hand. But it can come with difficulties. For ladies on a brave solo adventure, perhaps for the first time, comfort and safety are essential. Finding a place to stay where you feel completely at ease, and safe can be tricky. 

As solo travel continues to rise for women, so do the female-only travel options. Group tours, city guides, and adventure packages that only take  ladies are becoming increasingly popular. 

We’ve checked out what’s on the market for just the gals, and these are our pick of women-only accommodation for the solo female traveller.      

Bliss Sanctuary for Women: Bali

Created for the solo female traveller, Bliss Sanctuary For Women has three sanctuaries to choose from; Ubud, Canguu, and Seminyak. The Bali villa-style accommodation welcomes women only, with the promise of no kids, no couples, and only a handful of women at a time.  It avoids the mainstream wellness retreat set-up of schedules and group activities so you can enjoy your time in solitude, or with company—take your pick. 

The essence of Bliss Sanctuary appeals not only to the solo female traveller, but those ladies who are drawn to all things health, wellness, and personal growth. There are fifteen packages to choose from; with options such as fitness, yoga, CrossFit, meditation, and surf on the menu. 

A stay at one of the sanctuaries is all-inclusive and covers food, drinks, massage, yoga, and spa treatments. A villa hostess and personal driver are on hand to cater to guests needs. Evening meals are a chance for the women to gather for a community get-together, but otherwise, guests are free to spend their days as they choose. Prices are available upon request and quoted per dates and package selected.

Luthan Hotel and Spa: Saudi Arabia

The first of its kind in the Middle East, the Luthan Hotel and Spa, located in the heart of the city, is a woman’s only unique urban retreat. The hotel and spa provide a serene environment to harmonize the physical, emotional, and spiritual self for both the female business and leisure travellers. 

Luthan offers women a choice of 25 exclusive rooms, including six special rooms and suites. The female-only hotel and spa boasts unrivalled leisure facilities such as an aqua meditation room, reflexology pool, group wellness classes, indoor heated pool, thermal relaxation rooms and more. Guests can indulge in luxurious bath soaks, foot scrubs, and mini massages—these are all included free with a room booking. 

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Luthan’s terrace restaurant Senses, caters to the ladies appetites, offering al fresco dining options, an international menu, and diet-specific cuisine. The rooftop dining area captures magnificent views of Riyadh and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

SuperShe Island: Finland 

If you’ve ever dreamt of escaping to a deserted beach to live the life of a mermaid—SuperShe Island is calling you. The official headquarters of the SuperShe society, the hidden private island is located in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland. The island is home to four cabins that can accommodate up to ten lucky ladies at a time. 

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Daily wellness activities, such as yoga, cooking classes, fitness classes, meditation, and farm to-table-dining, are offered. But not just anyone can turn up for a stay on this female-exclusive island. Girls you’ll need to complete an application explaining why you want to visit, how it would benefit you, and why you think you will be successful. 

Josephine’s Guesthouse: Zurich

Right in the city centre of Zurich, you will find Josephine’s Guest House—a home exclusively for women, available for short or long term stays, and in emergency situations. Unlike a hotel, the guesthouse has been designed to feel like a home—offering a personal, warm, and open atmosphere for women on the move.  

Comprised of 38 rooms, Josephine’s Guest House, 8-10 of which are reserved for vulnerable women seeking shelter. The female-only accommodation is managed by Sinn & Gewinn Hotels, a non-profit organisation who also run Lady’s First Hotel in Zurich.  

Nine Hours Woman Kanda: Tokyo

Located in the Minato district, Nine Hours Woman Kanda is positioned close to attractions such as the Ozuwashi Museum, temples, and a palace. The female-only accommodation provides a comfortable, yet basic place to rest your head, with single and double sized private rooms, and capsule-style accommodation for the budget traveller. Capsules are fitted with an adjustable light, privacy blind, and a USB charger. Bathrooms are shared—equipped with toiletries, towels, and pyjamas included. 

If you’re a lady about to head out on a solo adventure and not sure where to stay, rest assured there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. Whether you prefer to be surrounded by fellow goddesses, or just want a break from the smelly boys—get excited about picking your accommodation with these awesome options!