By Aimee C

There is something about exploring a country on foot that can be therapeutic and eye-opening. Being able to explore at your own pace gives you the unique opportunity to stop and discover elements of a place that your everyday tourist won’t experience.

Izu was created by the tectonic forces that still shape the Japanese islands. Volcanic submarine activity 20 million years ago wrought a landmass that was forced into collision with Honshu, Japan’s main island, as the Philippine Sea Plate pushed against the Eurasian Plate – a process which continues to this day.

The landscape of this former island, now the Izu Peninsula, is redolent of Earth’s most primeval forces, bubbling with seismic and geothermal activity, peppered with volcanoes and carved by both river and sea. Izu has constantly been renewed and remoulded, and the result is a fascinating geological treasure trove to explore and enjoy.

The Izu Geo Trail ventures to some of the most scenic areas of the Izu Peninsula and includes – on clear days – a spectacular sight of Mt. Fuji.

This Level 3 tour is considered a gentle walking tour with an average walking distance of 6-12km and is suitable for anyone who has the fitness level to comfortably walk three hours at a stretch.

For JPY372,000 (S$ 4757) per person you will receive a fully guided 7-day, 6-night tour including local travel from the tour meeting point to the finishing point, accommodation for six nights, six breakfasts, four lunches and six evening meals, as well as baggage transfers and entrance fees. It does not include the price of flights, one lunch and drinks.

If this sort of activity is your cup of tea, you will be happy to know that Walk Japan organises both scheduled and private Izu Geo Trail Tours which are available from January to May and November to December. More information about the Izu Geo Trail Tour can be found on Walk Japan’s website.