This season, Pandora opens the door to a secret world of magic and adventure, where ordinary becomes extraordinary. Discover the things you love in a place of diversity, creativity and self-expression – a place where just about anything is possible. 

Show your true nature and express all things you love. Step inside a universe touched with pink and shaped by an empowering mix of intriguing characters and fascinating expressions. 

The new Pandora Autumn 2019 Collection is whimsical and magical and features hand-finished designs in shades of pink. The collection dares you to get creative and experiment with the designs that combine personality and timeless design in one.

The newest addition to the collection is the Pandora O pendants which allow you to wear your charm in new and playful ways. Available in three sizes and metals, they take accessorising a new level.

Inherently connected to celebrating nature this season, delicate leaf shapes have been painstakingly hand-finished in sterling silver and 18k gold-plated sterling silver, dusted with brilliant stones and carefully detailed with characteristic veins to replicate the shape and movement of foliage.

The asymmetrical silhouettes with curled, torn edges express nature’s imperfections and are designed to dangle on drop earrings, pendants, rings and charms. 

The Pandora Autumn 2019 Collection is available from 29 August 2019 at all Pandora stores and eStore; prices start from $69 (a selection of items will be available at designated Pandora stores.)