By Julia Homilius

Have you ever had this huge surge of serotonin in your brain when entering a travel shop? I totally get it, each and every time. It’s similar to the feeling a book lover would get when entering a bookshop.

While we travellers often prefer simplicity and a purely natural environment, it can be a unique high to check out and discover new gadgets that will make any trip, just so much better. I mean, why rough it out when you don’t have to right?

If like me, you want to be comfy, prepared and enjoy on your next adventure, here is a list of my very own personal favourite travel gadgets. You are welcome.

WACACOs’ Minipresso Toolkit

Why suffer through a dismal cup of coffee when you don’t have to. With your ‘manual espresso maker’ you can wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, no matter where you are. With your Wacaco coffee travel toolkit, you can enjoy your favorite drink with a beautiful view of the seaside or mountain. You might want to add the Nanno-vessel tea infuser to your toolkit and enjoy tea time alone or with company. You’ll suddenly find yourself that much more popular as you share the bounty of this marvelous new toy. 

Eagle Creek ‘International Toolkit’

This international toolkit from Eagle Creek is a must-have for your next trip abroad. The Travel Adapter Pro plugs in anywhere. And the super comfy ‘Exhale Neck Pillow,’ for those long train, bus, or plane rides is a fine companion. And as you want to stay safe on the road, this ‘Hidden Money Belt’ is an effective way to hide your cash, ID, and credit cards. This international travel kit delivers security, conveneince, and comfort in one neat package.

Your Own Ultralight Sleeping Bag from Naturehike

I love this bag for festivals, a spontaneous sleepover at a new friend’s house, or a stay with a family you just met while travelling.

Be well prepared for a long hike in Europe, say the Camino de Compostela, or a jungle adventure in Ecuador sleeping in a local hut, even camping out on the beach. You now always have your own personal cover with you!

Slap Bracelet Sunglasses

You really want to invest in these slap bracelet sunglasses; they are stylish and amazingly practical. You can secure them to stay safe on your head while doing complicated yoga positions in the park or riding your mountain bike in the forest.

Don’t need them right now? Just wrap them around your arm and make your glasses a bracelet; they are designed to fit your traveller needs throughout the day. This video presents the benefits and is very funny. Click here.

The WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger

Stay connected anywhere with the WakaWaka Solar Panel + Power 5, a foldable solar panel, as well as Class A power bank. Take it on all your outdoor trips and charge your electronic gadgets. You charge and store the power directly from the sun, so this gadget’s useful just about anywhere.

Link the Solar Panel to charge your power bank with sustainable energy! So cool! And then charge your devices all at once; you can use it for up to five devices at once. This is definitely one of those long-term investments in a list of ‘travel gadget must-haves’ and something I always carry around with me.

Kenu’s Stance Tripod for Smartphones 

Bring your fans, followers and family with you and take your best shots with ease. This genius little gadget will help you capture everything perfectly, whether you are surfing the waves or climbing a mountain.

Image courtesy of Freshness Magazine

The Kenu Stance miniature tripod for your smartphone is tiny but soooooo practical. The cool mount helps you watch movies on the go, too. The best bit, it’s foldable and takes up little space. 

Ancord’s Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This water and dust resistance portable mini speaker… what more needs to be said to get you to click the link and get this for your next trip? It’s powerfully loud relative to its size while taking no space in your travel luggage.

It even comes with a clip, so you can carry it with your keys. Listen to your favorite music at an enjoyable decent volume, anywhere! 

So these are my seven new favourite travel gadgets. They will keep you safe, they will make you super comfy, and mostly, they will get you well prepared for your next adventure.

I’m off to another travel shop to see what new delights might await. What are your favorites? Do leave me a comment in the section below. And BON VOYAGE!