By Gina Duncan

When you begin to notice a sea of red and white flags fluttering out of windows and hanging from cars, you know that Singapore National Day is just around the corner. It started with a dream 200 years ago, and the “little country that could”, became an independent nation. That dream is kept alive annually with the celebration of Singapore’s National Day on August 9th. 

Singaporeans really know how to throw a party for National Day and you want to be ready for it. Especially this year as they celebrate “Our Singapore” for their bicentennial year.

The nation enjoys a spectacular parade and day-long performances as they celebrate their independence. The parade is packed with events including energetic music, cultural performances and impressive sky-diving high jinks. The highlight and the grand finale are the kaleidoscopic firework display–a dazzling pyrotechnic of colourful explosions.

Are You Ready To Celebrate?

Excitement has been building up and in true Singapore-style, what better way to celebrate than wearing the best red and white patriotic fashion. Here’s a look at some brands featuring red and white for you to stand proud and represent “Our Singapore” on National Day, while still looking stylish and glamorous to boot:


Bossini’s festive collection, “Our Home, Our Singapore” will have you parade-ready in no time. They even feature a shirt with the slogan, “I love Singapore.” Pair this red shirt with white shorts and you are ready to head to the parade.

Dress it up a little with their his and hers matching red and white polos. Your kids will look cool in their Varsity themed selection or a little red dot t-shirt. Represent Singapore National Day in full red and white fashion this year. 

Little Qipao 

Get your family ready for National Day festivities with delightful red and white designs. Little Qipao has cute red and white qipao or cheongsam, the traditional Chinese dress for the whole family. The qipao dress has dominated the online marketplace and is a traditional style that depicts the Chinese culture in a fun and trendy way. 

Little Qipao is a renowned brand for little girls and women’s qipao; for boys and men, they have the traditional Chinese mandarin collar shirt. You will find it hard not to buy matching family outfits for your National Day festivities with Little Qipao’s Mini Me series. Choose a whimsical red and white chequered mermaid dress for your daughter, mum will cut a striking figure in a matching mermaid dress, and father and son can match quite handsomely in red and white chequered mandarin collar shirts. 

Popsicle Baby 

Need to find an adorable National Day outfit for your little fashionista. Popsicle Baby is stocked with red and white items for newborn to three years old. Your children can join the celebration and be decked out head-to-toe in red and white shorts, tees, dresses, shoes, and even accessories. If you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer, Popsicle Baby selections make a great gift. When it comes to kids and National Day, Popsicle Baby should be your first stop.    


Collate is a label that seeks to make an impression. Described as clothes for “a woman of grace; collected in her thoughts and considerate in her ways.” From tops to dresses and jumpsuits, their style is feminine, comfortable and flattering for the modern and refined woman.

Just slip on their lightweight red belted crepe jumpsuit with handy pockets, or red petal sleeved dress and you’re ready to go. Either their curved sleeved blouse  in white, paired with flowy red wide-legged trousers,or high waisted tailored trousers are the perfect outfits for watching the National Day parade and performances.


Who doesn’t enjoy shopping for fashionable bargains at H&M? They have so many trendy options for all occasions but especially for National Day.

Refresh your wardrobe with the latest red and white fashion styles at H&M. They will have you standing out in the crowd at National Day festivities. 

The Colours Of The Flag

The year of “Our Singapore” is a celebration of the compelling story of a nation from the past to the present. The simplest way for patriotic Singaporeans to show their love is to wear red and white, the colours of the nation’s flag on Singapore’s National Day. Red, the colour of the top half of the Singapore flag, represents universal brotherhood and equality. It is also a vivid bright colour to wear for this special celebration. White, the lower half of the flag represents everlasting purity and virtue. It provides a clean neutral against the bold red.

Come to the party dressed in your best red and white. We’ve given you the casual t-shirt and shorts combination and gorgeous print selections for everyone in your family. Whatever you choose, you will look fabulous. Be prepared to represent Singapore’s National Day by shopping at our favourite five brands. The dreaming isn’t done for Singapore; the best is yet to come.

What are your favourite brands to shop the red and white for Singapore National Day? Tell us in the comments below.