Whether your hair dries in waves, spirals, tangles or poker straight, air-dried hair is the way to go for summer (or all year around as far as I am concerned). With the humidity at its all time high, having a blow dryer blast hot air into your face, melting off your makeup is the last thing you need.

Here are our favourite tips and tricks for a frizz-free air dried head of hair from start to finish.

Use A Moisturizing Shampoo

Singapore weather is beyond humid, making it necessary to wash your hair daily. If your hair is prone to frizz, then start the defrizzing regimen in the shower. To avoid a halo effect, lather your locks with a creamy (not gel-like) moisturizing shampoo.

It’s gentler on the hair and won’t strip strands of their natural protective barrier.

Don’t skimp on the texturizing spray

Air dried jair is not as smooth or glossy compared to the look your get after a blowout.

Help nature out by swapping in a texturizing spray wherever you’d normally reach for smoothing products to give your hair a touseled and sexy look without the damage.

Skip Sections When Curling Your Hair

If you really can’t resist a heat-tool, cut down on the damage and still achieve that “I barely tried, but it still looks amazing” look by alternating your curl sections. 

Simply apply texturizing spray all over, then only curl half your hair: the two face-framing sections, and the three or four larger sections around the back. Run your fingers through to complete the look. Your hair will still look fabulous, but this method will cut down on the damage.

Sleep In A Top Knot

Wet or dry, keep hair safe from damage by tying it up in a top knot. Loose strands rubbing against your cotton pillowcase while you sleep can result in frizz.

Traditional hair ties create kinks and tug on your roots, so opt for a scrunchie made of soft fabric like silk.

Add A Clip, Barrette Or Hair Band

Styling air-dried hair cen be tricky. You can do everything perfectly and still end up with sticky-out bits and pieces.

Hide anything out of the ordinary with a decorative bobby pin or headband.

A Microfiber Towel Is Your Hair’s BFF

Hair is most delicate and vulnerable when wet, so the last thing you should be doing is rubbing it dry with a cotton towel.

Microfiber towels have been proven to reduce frizz and are overall gentler on the hair, helping to make your air-dried result look better and reduce hair fall at the same time.