By Steven Brooks

With the fashion world once again in full swing for the summer of 2019, we feel like getting on your case to ensure you keep your eyes peeled. Last year’s eyewear spectrum was a playground of petit designs and to be frank, those might be on their way out this year. However, the retro cat-eyes are plunging through into the dog-eat-dog fashion world of 2019 like Rocky Balboa in dressing room brawl. 

Hundreds of A-list celebs have already got their new wardrobes in the spotlight, boasting an entourage of accessories delectable enough to make even Gandhi’s mouth water.

We’re gonna give you a bird’s eye view of some of this year’s hottest picks but can assure you that we won’t be wingin’ it! Each of the trends about to hit your line of sight has been meticulously researched, and we can promise you, they’re all worth keeping your eyes on!

Sporty Shades

If you’ve got a slick sense for slender style, then slide yourself into some sporty specks. It seems that while the fashion bigwigs are revelling in their dexterity for bizarre, bold and beautiful, there is a sexy underdog. Sports shades have an aptitude for endurance in the fashion market of 2019, and front runners like Cazal, Each x Other, and Zadig & Voltaire have put forth some robust contenders. 

Zadig & Voltaire

Extreme Bling

Well, we did mention bizarre and beautiful, and we believe this year’s bling assortment ticks those boxes with a titanium pen. Fashion-smashers Dolce & Gabbana delivered a sprinkling of jewel-encrusted frames, surely set to be the apple-of-the-eye of many women worldwide.

Givenchy has really sent the mercury rising with their latest addition to the 2019 eyewear market, a shower of jewelled chains that boast a spotlight aura of sheer brilliance. 

Red Frames

Who said red was dead? It definitely wasn’t us, that’s for sure. Although some models could have you feeling like an extra from Shirley Valentine, this year’s ensemble of red frames are to be marvelled at.

Salvatore Ferragamo SS19 Ad Campaign

Big players like Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Each x Other, have truly kept their eye on the ball this season.

Triangle Shaped Lenses

A stunning complement of eyewear, these triangles will define you as a star in any social circle. Get your latest pair of Marni or Burberry shades boxed off to complete your tantalising image for 2019.


Although many of this year’s triangular models were likely intended to flirt with retro ideologies, they have in fact come across as futuristic. Their sophisticated avant-garde vibe is a perfect embellishment to stripey garments and bowler hats. 

Unique Eyewear Design

We’re already locked in a time warp, a wormhole venturing towards the unknown, but the following roster of snazzy shades is approaching warp speed. Top designers boast a tonic of innovation, but there happens to be a small number who simply don’t come armed with a ‘calm down’ button.

Take a glance at the fascinating whims of Acne Studios this year for a start; a kind of shield sunglasses with a melted, mangled persuasion. It could be argued that designers in the Prada kitchen have been going a bit Heston Blumenthal of late too. 

Butterfly Sunglasses

From tiaras to tattoos, the butterfly design has always been at the forefront of women’s fashion. This year, brands like Prada and Coach have really spread their wings with a collection of alluring, butterfly-inspired sunglasses.

From studded embellishments to futuristic bug-eyed spectacles of design, summer collection is going to be as colourful as it gets.

Mirrored Lenses

Typically associated with a sporty demeanour, mirrored lenses aren’t usually an item for the introvert.

Urban Street Shades

However, a frameless mirrored pair from Chanel this year might just give you the privacy you’re looking for. Sometimes mirrored lenses can come across as a little intimidating, but the 2019 eyewear sphere is but a reflection of pizzazz.

Heart Frame

When does the soppy old love-heart ever go out of fashion? We love banging on about stuff like this at Lifestyle Collective, so we’ll use that as our excuse for dropping this one final design into our most adored summer eyewear trends for 2019.

The movie Lolita is a classic example of how the iconic love-heart design can occupy every ounce of our minds like that first crush as a teenager. The red plastic frame and dark black lenses have been adopted to perfection by Balenciaga, while Saint Laurent has gone down the ‘60s Summer of Love route. 

Be sure To Keep An Eagle Eye On The Autumn/Winter Collections Too

These are just a handful of the iconic pieces of eyewear dancing on the shelves of some of the world’s most celebrated designers this season. Within another few decades, mankind will have branched out to other planets, and a lack of clouds is going to make sunglasses a necessity.

Who knows what kind of fashion quirks will grace us from deep space. At Lifestyle Collective, we believe it’s time to think about your priorities and start looking into the best summer eyewear trends for 2019.