Singapore lies just 137 kilometers from the equator and the weather here can be sweltering, which doesn’t do our skin or hair any favours.

Extreme humidity, inadequate sun protection and environmental pollution can wreak havoc on our skin, resulting in premature ageing. Making things worse is the fact that not everyone uses sunscreen and those who do, don’t reapply every four-hours.

I for one am guilty of not applying sunscreen as often as I should, which is why I signed up for the EHA Summer SOS Facial, to give my skin some much needed TLC and get it back on track.

EHA Skincare is a home grown skin care brand that carries their own range of skin care products made both in Japan and France. The products are made specifically for Singapore’s humid climate and are all lightweight and comfortable to use.

I personally am obssessed with their Hydra Serum, which is lightweight but hydrating, its a must-have when travelling and I am currently using their Sunshield 24hr, an SPF 100 sunscreen that doesn’t need reapplication and does not leave any greasy residue. I just discovered their recently launched Suncare SPF30 face wash and Suncare SPF30 body wash & shampoo, which makes staying protected from the sun, so much easier.

Their Summer SOS Facial is a limited-time-only facial treatment, to help counteract the effects of unprotected UV exposure and environmental pollution, particularly high during these summer months. This deeply cleansing and repairing facial treatment uses light therapy for the treatment of photo rejuvenation including the removal of age spots and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. It also replaces lost moisture to the deeper layers of the skin and promotes the production of collagen.

Also, as an added advantage, this facial is suitable for all skin types and can be easily customized based on your individual skin condition and needs. 

My facialist deeply cleansed my skin both manually and mechanically, using a suction type machine to extract and remove impurities like blackheads and whiteheads to open up the pores. The device felt gentle on the skin and helped dislodge impurities from tight spots like the chin area and around the nose.

The gentle extraction and eyebrow shaping was followed by the Omega Light Therapy. If you have sensitive skin like me, the yellow light (not pictured) will help soothe and settle any inflamation. It also helps protect the skin from conditions like UV radiation, rosacea and flushing.

A Photo Rejuvenation device was then used lighten pigmentation, tighten and lift the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.

After a deeply relaxing face, shoulder, back massage and mask, both my mind and face felt completely purged of any impurities and toxins. From the first step to the last, your skin is protected from UV damage using their sunscreen facial wash, finished off with their 24-hour protecting sunblock.

The Summer SOS Facial is usually priced at $300 per session, but Lifestyle Collective readers can now enjoy two Summer SOS Facials for only $300. This treatment will only be available until the end of August, so do hurry!

To find out more, visit EHA Skincare at #03-28, Shaw Center, 1 Scotts Road or call them on 6235 8661. The staff are very friendly and helpful and will happily answer any question you might have.