Germany is the second most popular European travel destination after the UK, followed by Italy, amongst Singaporeans. According to the latest World Travel Monitor (WTM) data from IPK International, tourist traffic to Germany from Singapore has been steadily increasing with a 45% increase, from 75,000 trips in 2016 to 109,000 trips in 2018.

More than half (54%) of the tourists to Germany from Singapore were there on holiday, mainly comprising of tours and city trips. Travellers stayed for an average of eight nights each trip, with an expenditure of about EUR 323 per night. The WTM report also found that the majority of Singaporeans preferred to visit Germany between September and December.

One of the best times to visit Germany is when the weather is pleasantly warm, which is typically from May through September. This is when the temperatures are typically in the low to mid-20s. But this is also the time, when the country is full of tourists so expect both the accommodation and airfare to be at its highest.

The best time for sightseeing in Germany is usually in April, May or October, when the weather is decent and there aren’t as many tourists.

While the German calendar is filled with festivals throughout the year, there is none bigger than Oktoberfest which typically takes place in September. The festival runs for 16 days starting from the first day of autumn. It usually sees over six million people who travel to Munich to consume copious amounts of beer (around seven million liters of beer every year). So, if you have your heart set on this festival, you will need to be here during the second half of September or early October.

So the next time you are surfing the net, looking for the perfect travel destination, give Germany a google.