Toshiba Carrier Corporation recently launched the Toshiba YouMe- Singapore’s first and only 5-tick low Global Warming Potential Inverter Multi Split air conditioning unit.

Marketed as the ‘world’s best friend’, Toshiba YouMe is based on sustainable technology to reduce the impact on global warming. The low GWP R32 refrigerant has superior heat exchange properties and requires 30% less refrigerants than its predecessor.

During the recent launch at Millenia Walk Singapore, Carrier Singapore General Manager Hor Mei Peng addressed the media and explained that the Toshiba YouMe achieves up to 72% fewer CO2 emissions released as compared to other Toshiba aircon models and is probably the most environment-friendly IMS unit in the market today.

She further said that Toshiba Carrier Corporation has always led the way with technological innovations- from bringing the world’s first split ac in 1961 to introducing the world’s first digital DC twin rotary AC in 1993 and launching the world’s first hybrid inverter AC in 1998 to entering the 20th century with the world’s first green DC hybrid inverter with R410A in the year 2000. 

Toshiba Carrier Corporation was also the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in the year 1986. Following the launch of two innovative products last year, including the 7th generation of high-performance VRF system- the SMMS-7 and a smart inverter modular chiller- the USX, this year Toshiba Carrier Corporation brings Singapore’s first 5-tick low GWP IMS AC unit.

As brand ambassadors for the Toshiba YouMe – the world’s and man’s best friend, Toshiba Carrier Corporation has brought together Singapore’s very own Tosh Zhang and the universally loved Shiba Inu. Tosh, best known for his roles in the smash-hit series Ah Boys to Men, and man’s best friend Shiba have come together to represent the Toshiba YouMe.

The World’s Best Friend – Protecting The Planet From Global Warming

Toshiba Carrier Corporation, at its heart, believes in making the world a better place and is resolutely committed to achieving this goal using technology and innovation. Two decades ago, they brought the innovative non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A to Singapore. 

In 2019, when the world is faced with the challenge of global warming, Toshiba Carrier Corporation continues the pursuit of preserving the vibrant colours of the planet by pioneering change. Taking inspiration from the Japanese concept of ‘Yume’, which means ‘Dream, ideals on the future’, Toshiba Carrier Corporation created the YouMe. 

Harnessing the energy of smart engineering, digital control technology and advanced chemistry, the YouMe is efficient and has the all-new R32 refrigerant. This low GWP R32 refrigerant has better heat exchange properties than its predecessors, making it more energy efficient, with up to 30% reduction in refrigerant usage.

Sleek Design And Quiet Functioning At Cost-Effective Prices

Toshiba Carrier spokespersons at the launch shared that Toshiba believes and endorses the idea of dreams and that dreams are often found in reality. Aligning to this value, the Toshiba YouMe IMS is perfectly outfitted to complement modern flats. In Singapore, more than 80 percent of people live in public housing. The sleek design of the new YouMe seamlessly integrates into these spaces and its contemporary aesthetics add to the interior decor. The Toshiba YouMe features beautifully contoured lines, a high-gloss white finish and adjustable white LEDs to compliment any modern interior. 

Furthermore, with air conditioners, residual moisture is a consistent challenge. It is a breeding ground for mould and can eventually lead to the emergence of pathogens and allergens that might cause respiratory issues and other health-related problems. The Toshiba YouMe comes with a self-cleaning function that helps reduce mould growth. 

After the fan coil unit (FCU) is switched off, the blower inside continues to run at low speed for up to 20 minutes to dry the coils and get rid of any built up moisture. YouMe does the work for you between maintenance intervals so you can enjoy healthy air all year round. This not only saves money and ensures a good lifespan of the ac but also provides safety from respiratory allergies and other health hazards. Toshiba claims that people can save up to 1000 dollars in five months with this 5-tick IMS air conditioner.

Stand A Chance To Win A Staycation

Toshiba Carrier Corporation has collaborated with Big Tiny for a unique giveaway of an energy efficient staycation for consumers in Singapore. The contest will be announced on Toshiba’s Instagram in mid-June. Follow @toshibaacsea and a chance to win a free weekend stay at Sentosa in a Big Tiny house and experience the YouMe first hand. 

The Toshiba YouMe is available in all major retailers islandwide at a starting retail price of $2,399. For more information, contact Carrier Singapore at