By Jessie Cheah

Hairlux, an upscale luxury salon offering total hair care treatment solutions, recently launched its flagship store in the East Coast of Singapore, offering high-end products and treatments previously not available locally.

Specialising in treatments to reverse the signs of ageing on the hair and scalp, Hairlux also provides essential hair services such as cut, colour and perm by their professional team of creative directors and senior hairstylists, each with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

While we are spoilt for choice when it comes to skincare, when it comes to hair care, not so much, which is why I was so pleased with the opening of Hairlux here in Singapore. As an added bonus, the salon is located a hop, skip and a jump from my home – yay!

The salon is flooded with natural light that compliments its chic design and cozy lounge. At Hairlux, you don’t have to be confined to your seat while waiting for the treatment or hair colour to do its magic. Instead, you can relax in the lounge with a cup of coffee and a bunch of magazines.

While I have been blessed with a head full of hair (total Leo characteristic btw), my hair shaft is rather damaged and my scalp is sensitive as a result of regular (every three-weeks) hair colouring to cover up my greys.  A quick scalp check confirmed my suspicions, showing redness on my scalp and follicles with a weak hair shaft. 

The stylist who attended to me, a polite young man with funky light blue hair, Zachary, recommended I try Tame Freeze and a brand new colour for my makeover.  My pampering began with refreshing hair colour. The salon uses ammonia-free hair colouring products, and while I was bracing myself for a burning scalp – like most of my past hair colouring experiences, I needn’t have worried, because the whole process was completely painless.

Next, he and his team began working on taming my unruly mane. Tame Freeze is a 5-steps treatment akin to the more common keratin treatment.  However, three out of the five steps of Tame Freeze with Tokio Inkarami system works by strengthening the cortex of the hair shaft, protecting the hair cuticle and infusing nourishment to give the hair bounciness and healthy shine. 

Together with the colouring, I was in the salon for around 3.5 hours. The end result however was totally worth the time spent! I absolutely love how bouncy and shiny my hair turned out! 

Jessie’s hair Before and After the treatment

But we all know that once we leave the salon and wash our hair, everything goes down the drain – literally. But surprisingly, after washing my hair at home, followed by a light blow dry without a brush, my hair still looked like I just walked out of the salon. Totally fuss-free and manageable, even at home.

The Tokio Inkarami home care regime has also worked wonderfully for me and compliments the entire treatment, by making my new hair do, look salon perfect every day.

If you also enjoy hair care products that are bio dynamic, the Oway range has a lovely fresh botanical scent as it cleanses and calms the scalp with its soothing plant based ingredients. 

The home care range allows me to enjoy salon pampering every day, in the convenience of my own bathroom.

Hairlux is located at 42 East Coast Road #01-02 MODA, Singapore 428762.