By Surabhi Pandey

Winter is here. From Winterfell to King’s Landing, from the North to the South – all pieces of this mega-story are falling together as the world awaits the finale.

The first episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 premiered all over the world this Monday, and it took us a couple of days and several reruns of the one-hour spectacle to be able to come up with a reaction. But, all is well and here we are. Please beware, major spoilers ahead!

It goes without saying that Game of Thrones is more than just a TV show. It is an event, a lifestyle and a major popular culture. GOT Season 8 was arguably the most awaited television shows of all time. Matching the expectations of such dedicated fans while safely dodging the million fan theories already abuzz online is not an easy task. But as they say, ‘chaos is not a pit‘ and no one knows that better than HBO.

Living up to the impeccable standards of storytelling, Game of Thrones did not disappoint its fans this time either. The first episode had everything – confrontations, reunions, big reveals and of course, the dragons. Here are some of our favourite moments from the episode:

Winterfell- The Place Where It Began

The episode begins with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s arrival at Winterfell. As they march into Winterfell with thousands of unsullied, an army of savage Dothraki and two full-grown dragons, the entire village witnesses the procession. There is excitement in the air, but there’s also the hostility that the Northerners have for outsiders.

As Arya makes way for a little boy who excitedly climbs up a tree to watch the arrival of the King of the North and the Mother of Dragons, we, the audience, time travel back to episode one from season one. This scene is a reminder and a homage to the very first scene from the pilot when the Lannisters arrived at Winterfell, with their procession witnessed by the Starks.

Samwell, Ser Jorah and The Khaleesi

After an hour of emotional reunions of characters like Sansa and Tyrion, and the Hound and Arya as well as my personal favourite – Arya and Jon, we get to see some unexpected ones too. When Ser Jorah meets Samwell he brings Dany along as she wants to thank Sam for saving her friend. What many of us actually knew but had totally forgotten was that Dany fed Sam’s father and brother to her dragon. In that scene, we see storytelling at par with the way Samwell handles the news of his father’s demise and then the way he breaks down after finding out about his brother. That close up shot says it all!

A Reunion We Did Not Know We Were Waiting For

The episode ends with Jaime Lannister and Bran Stark. This is yet another homage to the very first GOT episode. The only difference being, in the first season, Jaime kills Bran or so he thinks, but now Bran is not only alive but he is also the three-eyed raven who knows it all. The scene where Jaime and Bran make eye contact – there is neither confrontation nor an exchange of dialogue – just brief eye contact, but that single look said it all! 

And then the end credits roll, leaving us frustrated, wanting more.

And now, Jon Snow knows something, we yet have to see what he does with that knowledge, plus he rides a dragon and Cersei sleeps with Euron Grejoy. And, the Night King is marching South.

It’s beyond cruel that we have to wait for an entire week to see what happens next. What are your theories for episode 2? Tell us in the comments below.