By Joyell Nevins

The summer blockbuster movie season is starting early this year. Several spring releases have surfaced, promising epic tales, big explosions, lots of laughs, and even a little romance.

But before each movie officially drops, production companies are enticing us with trailers almost as mind-blowing as we expect the films to be. Here are some previews that have us more excited than Thor at a two-for-one sale on hammers.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The setting opens with a TV-style box and a black-and-white interview…nothing eye-catching until you see who’s in the background: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. These two movie veterans have never worked on a feature-length film together before, and we think it’s about time.

They are kings of quirky characters in their own right. When you add in the definitive and violently bloody style of Quentin Tarantino as a director and scriptwriter, movie-goers everywhere know they’re in for solid summer fun.

Between the actors’ pompadour period-style haircuts, bright colour scheme, and of course, aviator sunglasses, 1969 in Hollywood looks like the Tarantino party we’ve been waiting for since his Grindhouse collection. 

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

More star-power surprises await us in the trailer for a “kids” movie that’s more for the older crowd than the younger. The first shot is of that iconic yellow furball, who seems cute and cuddly–until he opens his mouth.

Wait, that’s wisecracking Ryan Reynolds. In his sardonic Deadpool style, he is turning Pikachu from a squeaker into a sarcastic sizzler. The movie trailer bops to a backbeat of ‘80s hits, and zings with plenty of explosions and flying leaps. Plus, it’s a tribute to Pokemon fans everywhere with the mystical monsters scattered throughout.


Another childhood classic gets the live-action treatment in this film coming out in May. From the onset, any fan of the original animated version will notice correlations in the setting and scattered dialogue. But the real jaw-dropper is halfway through, when the smoke clears and out pops – Will Smith!

The Fresh Prince brings the big blue genie to life with quips, a good-natured attitude, and a chance to ‘get jiggy’ in Agrabah. Rather than trying to be Robin Williams, the trailer shows Will giving the iconic character a “fresh” overhaul without losing the original amusement. We can’t wait to have a ‘friend like him.’

Dark Phoenix

Superheroes are in abundance this spring, even if they come in twisted packages. The X-Men series has limped along a bit, hitting a fan and critic roadblock with X-Men: Apocalypse, but they are back in action with Dark Phoenix. When the trailer dropped recently, the salivating began for comic book lovers of the “Dark Phoenix” saga. It’s also getting a lot of hype revolving around the female hero and female villain stars of the show.

The trailer promises us the return of favorite screen stars like James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence (who spends lots of time flying through the air). We get a glimpse of plenty of special effects, including those Matrix-like scenes with slow-motion bullets and badass boots. The film is looking to be a dark romp with plenty of blockbuster drama and fiery explosions.

Avengers: Endgame

In content and effects, the award for most explosive has to go to Avengers: Endgame. The trailer picks us right up in the midst of the desolation, moviegoers were left in when Thanos obliterated half of the population. A lone and depressed Tony Stark floats through space, dictating a last message to his beloved Pepper Potts.

Then the music starts, and our favourite heroes start floating into the frames. Iron Man is joined by Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Hulk. The arrow-slinging Avenger reappears wielding a sword and turning into a later version of the ninja-style character Ronin. Captain Marvel also looks like she will be joining the mission to save the world.

Fans of wisecracking actor Paul Rudd rejoiced to see him making his Avengers debut. Ant-Man shows up in a hilarious pause among the trailer’s gloomy stares, dizzying fights, and gigantic explosions.

Because yes, the preview promises moviegoers that there will be epic firefights, lots of showdowns, and an array of Marvel characters that makes Avengers: Endgame worthy of the MCU phase finale. This apocalyptic gang is bringing their A – game and are ready to do “whatever it takes.”

Mark your calendars, reserve those tickets, and catch up on your comic book knowledge and Disney classics. If the trailers are half as good as the movies themselves, we are in for a cinematic spectacle. Which movie is on your must-see list?