Call me a little bit spoilt, but I don’t like to visit a dozen websites to get my shopping done. Call me extremely spoilt when I say, I don’t even consider leaving my house to get my shopping done. 

However, getting a plumber down to your house or buying a spa package is a little different. At least, that’s what I thought until I was introduced to Zowedo (this is apparently a play-on-words for “So we do”).

Available in Singapore, this website and mobile app (only iOS, for now, sorry Android users) offers us, consumers, a simple and quick way to book home services like AC servicing and plumbing to lifestyle services like spa packages and baking classes to even professional services like skills workshops and language classes. 

A quick look at the website shows a simple service that offers quite a lot of things I may need at some point in my life. Lifestyle and home services are the most common services on offer, but that makes sense as these are the services you’re likely to use most regularly. I decided to give it a try and share my experience here.

Look and feel

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is easy and pretty straightforward to use. This is good for those who often feel that eCommerce websites and mobile apps can have too much going on.

Finding something like a piano lesson was easy and we were able to go through the entire process of booking with little or no hassle. You’re prompted to log in or register only after you want to make a booking. The thing I liked the most is the fact that I can pay using my credit card – which makes it great if its for a gift or your child – and there are also reviews available. 

If I would change something it might be the fact the website design seems to be quite dated and I feel a quick refresh of the colours and images used would make it a lot more appealing.

What you can actually buy

Zowedo does seem to have quite a lot of options for you to choose from. According to them, there are almost 400 service providers on their website and they are constantly onboarding new services onto the platform. 

I like that I have the option to choose and also the fact that they don’t overcrowd a category, which shows that there is some curation on their side to ensure we have a good selection without having to pick from dozens of identical vendors. That’s often an issue for me when it comes to shopping online or using a listing service – you never know what’s really good or suitable for you.

In terms of some of the more interesting things they offer on the site. This includes activities like Ladies Parkour, or Guzheng lessons (a guzheng is a Chinese stringed instrument) if you’re looking for something fun to do or learn a new skill. For those more techically inclined, I found something you could try, which is a 3D design and print workshop for just S$100. There’s even a brand storytelling workshop for S$2,250, which might be their most expensive service on the platform.

For those of you looking for the more popular services, you get a variety of beauty services, home repair and maintenance services, as well as fun weekend activities you could try. 

Overall assessment

I think there is definitely a need for a service like this. It will be useful for people who don’t want to look through the directory or Google for home or personal services and want a curated list of services they can trust. The online payment option is really convenient and must be a great way for small businesses to create an online presence without having a high initial cost.


  • Easy-to-use and simple navigation
  • Online payments make it very convenient
  • Third-party reviews


  • The website looks and feels a bit outdated
  • More services would be very useful