There is something terribly exciting in the simple soft fruit jelly. These chubby little ovals come in a myriad shades, are delicately dusted in sugar and explode with fruity flavour in your mouth. Need we say more?

We may overlook it as a snack of choice over tempting crisps or exotic and kawaii snacks from Japan, but somehow we are always drawn back to the simple fruit jelly. 

Fruit flavoured jellies offer a unique taste sensation with every different coloured jelly you eat, so you will never get bored. Crisps… bah… You get one flavour and one flavour alone per packet – a total waste of money as far as we are concerned. 

The grandness of these fruity delights cannot be overstated but is oft underestimated. We shake our heads at the travesty that is modern day snacks – confectionaries be damned, these gummy delights transcend a single category. 

An Ode to fruit jellies

Tasty explosion

The love affair never ends

Fruit jelly you rule

We would like to dedicate this article to our fallen comrade Charith Pelpola. Not only was Charith a huge fan of soft fruit jellies, he was also the co-founder of Lifestyle Collective. He was our sub-editor, writer and video director and all round mentor and super star. He was taken away from us far too early, but he will not be forgotten. Lifestyle Collective is what is it because of him and we shall strive to make him proud.