Around the globe, there are currently five billion mobile phone users, the average amount of time people keep their phones is 22 months, and one billion new handsets are bought each year. That equals a huge pile of phone cases heading to landfill or, worse, the oceans. So we went in search of the best eco-friendly cases, based on style, material and durability.

What makes a phone case eco-friendly?
If you’re looking for a new case, look for the following to ensure they really aren’t harming the Earth: 

  • Made from natural, sustainable and easily biodegradable materials, such as bamboo, cork or sustainably harvested wood
  • Alternatively, biodegradable plastic or recycled plastic
  • Using nontoxic materials (glues, adhesives, lining)
  • Carbon-neutral validation
  • Environmental certifications


Pela makes their phone cases from flax straw combined with a bioplastic elastomer, also known as “flaxstic”. Free from phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead, these cases meet EU biodegradability standards – they’ll even break down in your garden compost.


This small Barcelona-based company makes its cases from recycled fishing net fibres used in the Mediterranean. The handle is also made from recycled aluminium and helps you really get a grip on your phone.


To all skater dudes. this one is for you… Handmade in Lithuania from old decks, all of these cases are unique.


Stripping something so modern back to the elements, MMore makes its cases from organic materials, from pressed flowers to coffee beans.


Release your inner cowboy with these hand-crafted phone cases from Indiana. They are made from wood, meaning every case is unique.