“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”  – Cushnic et Ochs

Every year fashion trends come and go. This is what makes the fashion industry fresh and exciting. You’ll never know what pieces you will see on the runway next, or if your favourite celebrity will start a new over-the-top trend. And it just happens so quickly.

Although every year brings us a trend or two we definitely love, there are some trends that should be set afire, buried in the ground, and be forgotten that they even existed. They are the reasons why we question our own fashion tastes whenever we see those embarrassing Facebook memories pop up in our news feed. So, without further adieu, here are 13 fashion trends that we feel should die this year! 

The Man Bun

To all the guys who think this is cute, come on! This is probably one of the reasons why you are still single. Let us not have to tolerate your laziness and inability to wash, comb and cut your hair. Keeping it clean and groomed is a ton more attractive than your male version of a messy bun.

Fanny Pack

Yes, these are familiar, comfortable, and sometimes even practical. But there are several reasons why they went out of style: they slide around as you walk, they don’t hold very much, and they can be really unflattering attracting attention to your backside or hiding under your belly. All you need to top off the look is socks on flip-flops. Let’s relegate this to the memories of the 80’s. We can do better.


They used to be cool, but they aren’t anymore. Taylor Swift once dubbed these as the flower crown for the necks, and you would see them everywhere, from Instagram to festivals to Forever 21. But again, they’re just not cool anymore. PERIOD.

Bubble Nails

One of the few manicures that didn’t nail it are bubble nails. They never looked cute or pretty. In fact, they look weird and sometimes creepy. 

Festival Outfits

These all started with the rise of Coachella. We can all agree that they are sexy, but cold shoulders, crochet, and chokers are overrated. They have to go.

Slogan Tees

2019 is the best time to ditch these slogan tees! They can be offensive and rarely are they funny. Wearing a joke on your shirt is merely telling the same gag over and over again. Plus, do you really want people to staring at your chest, reading a joke or a banal statement? Yes, you will be judged. 

Excessively Ripped Jeans

We’re pretty sure you have noticed the rising trend of the distressed jeans this year. Done right, they may be cute, but some people have gone too far by wearing overly distressed–even destroyed jeans. The problem: they cost more than a pair of decent looking jeans. Are you really just getting ripped-off to get the ripped jeans?

Denim on Denim

Remember when Britney Spears wore a denim gown and Justin Timberlake wore a denim suit back in the day? There are millions of reasons why the “Canadian Tuxedo” never looked right, and it doesn’t seem right now. So whenever you feel like wearing all denim, remember this: sure, few can rock this, but many people failed miserably on this fashion trend. Don’t be one of them.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

On a day-to-day basis, going to the loo is impossible to avoid and wearing this most impractical of outfits makes this natural function almost impossible to perform with any dignity or grace. Do you really want to strip naked just to pee? They may be cute, but there’s a reason clothes come as “separates.”

Bike Shorts

We are definitely sure that you have seen your favourite Instagram influencers sporting bike shorts and chic leather jackets. If you haven’t seen Kimmy K wearing them yet, we are sure you are missing out on something but we’re not exactly sure what. But bike shorts are another ugly-pretty fashion trend dubbed as athleisure that’s appropriate doing 20km per hour on the seat of a bike–not around town, girls. 

The Latex Dress

The fact that you don’t see this in the streets very often means just one thing— they shouldn’t be there. Did we mention that you need to lube yourself up to slip a latex dress on? This fashion trend is just so much more complicated than it looks and it’s just not worth it.

Chunky Dad Sneakers

These shoes started to hit the fashion scene in early 2018. Chunky dad sneakers have even made their way onto the runway as part of the “athleisure” scene, and there are no doubts that these have become a full-blown trend. But like any trend, it doesn’t look good on everyone, and they are ugly shoes that have somehow become attractive. Take them off; your dad will thank you for their return.

Socks With Flip Flops

When we were little ones, our parents taught us that socks are for shoes. We bet they will be very disappointed when they see us wearing socks on flip-flops. If you don’t want your toes hanging around and being seen, shoes are your best option, not socks.

Now you can feel free to clean up your closet and toss out those pieces that wouldn’t make sense as the year comes to a close. But, of course, feel free to keep them down in the basement–you never know when these trends will make a comeback!