The end of the year is literally just around the corner. Yet another year whizzed by and what’s the bet that most of us forgot to stick to our New Year’s Resolution of staying trim and working out. Well, we certainly did. 

Which is why our caring (cue dramatic eye-roll) Editor decided that the fattest amongst us would each volunteer ourselves to try out a specific medical fat loss treatment and decide which two procedures we would recommend to you! 

I Did 20,000 Crunches In 30-Minutes!

If your belly is more jelly or your booty is Southbound, EMSCULPT is the treatment for you. There was a time when I used to work out five days a week, but then age and life caught up with me and I suddenly woke up with a paunch, where I previously had a flat belly. This is why I found myself waiting in the reception area at EHA Clinic to speak with Dr Elias Tam, about my belly woes. 

Lazy folk like myself will be ecstatic to know that it is now possible to get a firm, perky booty or rock hard abs without killing yourself at the gym (I am serious). EMSCULPT is the latest and hottest FDA approved medical aesthetic treatment that works to build muscle and burn fat, all while you lie down in the cool confines of the medical clinic. 

This pain-free (yes it is actually completely painless and even quite relaxing to be honest) 30-minute treatment is equal to 20,000 crunches or squats. My first treatment was a little bit jarring, as I did not expect the rapid and continuous spasms in my abs, which I had absolutely no control of. But the next three sessions turned out to be a breeze. 

Dr. Tam mentioned that not only would it develop my abdominal muscles, it would also strengthen my core, nixing any back pain. I have always had lower back pain and I noticed that after my second treatment, my back pain had just vanished. Not just that; planks became less arduous and I suddenly had more sculpted abs (think crop-top worthy abs) and my normally slouchy posture became a thing of the past.

The treatment takes 30-minutes, costs $1,000 and while you will have stronger abdominal muscles after one session, I would recommend you sign up for four sessions, as that is the optimal number of treatments you need to see the best results. With EMSCULPT you can either do your stomach or your buttocks or both, the choice is yours. For more information, call EHA Clinic on 6235 3325 or find out more here

I Froze My Fat To Death

My biggest problem are my really fat arms, which are completely out of proportion to the rest of my body. No amount of exercise has helped. In fact if anything, they just seem to have made them even larger. The treatment I decided to try out to improve their appearance was COOLSCULPT by Zeltiq.

COOLSCULPT uses extreme cold to freeze and kill fat cells without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. Your fat is literally sucked into the device and frozen for 35-minutes. At the start, expect to feel a sudden deep coldness and then nothing. I found the treatment quite relaxing. If I didn’t have to lie down on my belly (not the most comfortable position for me personally) I would have fallen asleep during the treatment.  

For my COOLSCULPT treatment, I decided to go to VIDASKIN Clinic, run by Dr Vicki Leong. After a consultation with Dr Vicki, I was left in the capable hands of her staff who decided which part of my arm was the fattest and would benefit from the treatment. She explained the entire process to me and when I was ready, the area to be treated was disinfected, a protective layer of gel-type fabric was placed on my arm and it was then sucked into the device.

While I found the treatment totally painless, the two-minute massage when the handpiece was removed was another thing. The therapist explained that she needed to knead the area to break up the frozen fat cells and that it would be a bit painful, which it was, but I just bit my tongue and bore with it – if this is what was needed to ensure my arms didn’t look like tree logs, I would endure the temporary pain.

You will need to massage the treated area once a day for a few minutes for the first week. This is rather painful as your skin will be quite numb and feel bruised for the next few days, but it does get better.  Expect to feel numbness in the treated area for a week or two (or longer, as it depends on each individual) post-treatment.  

It’s been less than a month and I can already see an improvement in the texture of my skin. My cellulite has all but vanished from the area treated. The best results can be seen three-months post treatment and I am super excited. The doctor did mention though that since my arms are rather large, I would ideally benefit from two cycles. Each session or cycle costs $600.

For more information about COOLSCULPT, call VIDASKIN Clinic at 62354429 / WhatsApp 98300597 or find out more here.

From the several treatments that we tried and tested, these two we felt were the best and most worthy of being mentioned. Both of these treatments targetted a specific concern and addressed them effectively. We hope this review will help you in your search to find the perfect body contouring, FDA-approved medical treatment that actually works!