After all the hustle and bustle of a long work week, don’t we deserve a relaxing weekend of pampering? Of course, the spa always comes first on the list of feel-good indulgences!

Who doesn’t want to just lie back and get a relaxing massage or a body scrub, right?

Spa treatments, including massages, offer tons of health benefits, too. Aside from the obvious benefit of down-time, shrugging off stress, an hour or two at the spa can improve blood circulation, ease muscle aches and pains, lower blood pressure, and leave us with healthy glowing skin to complement our enhanced frame of mind.

The spa is awesome, but escaping the city and getting a quick vacation at the same time is another great way to reward yourself for all that you do. If you’ve been wanting just such an escape, Indonesia is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia for such an experience.

Here we look at five spas that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and refresh your outlook.


Thermes Marins & Spa on the Rocks: Voted as Indonesia’s best by the likes of Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure Magazine, and CNN Worldwide, Thermes Marins & Spa on the Rocks is a must-visit spa when in Bali. Spa on the Rocks is perched on a cliff face towering over the Indian Ocean. Their extensive menu includes ancient Eastern therapies as well as European treatments, ranging from massage to hair and nail treatments, to anti-ageing remedies. 

Must Try: Their Hot Shell Massage uses seashells to relax deep tissue tension, melt away stress, and balance the energy centres of the body. It is a one-of-a-kind, found only here. Complete with the Shell Facial, the massage costs $130 USD for 90 minutes.

Prana Spa Seminyak: The ancient architecture of the Middle East and India come together to capture the imaginations of those lucky enough to venture to one of the largest spas in Bali: Prana Spa Seminyak. Most of the treatments draw upon Ayurveda–an ancient Indian healing philosophy that focuses on improving the body’s natural healing capacity

Over a dozen customised treatment packages will leave you with a sense of relaxed wellness and peace. Packages include the Exclusively Male, Mum to Be, Simply Slimming, and the Sun and Moon—a head-to-toe body scrub and polish that leaves you glowing. Ayurvedic treatments range from 60 minutes to 240 minutes with costs $55 USD to $220 USD.

Must Try: The Pampering of Prana packages is fabulous. Starting with a plunge into hot and cold pools, you are then pampered with a full body massage, starting at the feet, and finishing with a rhythmic scalp massage and a hair-cream bath. The 180 minute treatment is just under $90 USD.

Royal Kirana Spa: Their name says it all. If you just want a day of relaxation and treatment that suits a royal, this is where you should be. Located at the eastern side of Ayung River Valley, this spa features private plunge pools and treatment villas located in the midst of lush open expanses with mesmerising views.

Their signature treatment includes a two-hour natural red hibiscus ritual, featuring a warm jacuzzi, dry and herbal mist sauna, showers, and dedicated relation nook. 

Must Try: Their signature treatment costs $135 USD but if you go big on your relaxation day, you can opt for their ultimate treatment for $374 USD which includes Balinese massages, facials, use of the villa’s facilities, and a light meal.


MesaStila Resort & Spa: Being one of the top destinations for tourists in Indonesia, Central Java has its fair share of spas as well. The Mestalla Resort and Spa combines luxury with Java’s next best indulgence: coffee.

Known for its healing qualities, its antioxidant properties, and its rejuvenating effect on the mind and body, MesaStila continues to grow the Java bean and uses it in the unique Coffee Invigorating Ritual. For 150 minutes and only $105 USD, the treatment includes a steam session, coffee scrub, coffee and pandan wrap, and plantation massage. 

Must Try: MesaStilla houses Southeast Asia’s only authentic Hammam Spa where they take steam-bathing rituals to a new level of decadent cleansing. A traditional Javanese Massage which goes for 120 minutes and costs $90 USD.


Slow Spa: The Spa at Slow Villas was made with full relaxation and recharge in mind–hence the name. The spa’s architecture is inspired by a bamboo cathedral, using soft rounded shapes that elicit a feeling of peace and relaxation. They feature three treatment rooms, a pilates/yoga studio and an oversized granite bath that compliment the slow, meditative feel of the natural surroundings. True to the natural theme of Slow Spa’s philosophy, they use only natural and “live” products for their signature treatments, even growing their own aloe vera. 

Must Try: Their Organic package that includes a combination of their Slow Spa Signature Massage, Organic Body Scrub Organic Face & Body mask. It’s definitely worth the 120 minutes and $50 USD cost.