BenBanter is the first brand in Singapore that is dedicated exclusively to a Keto lifestyle. The brand provides great tasting snacks and meal alternatives and are formulated to reduce – or avoid – sugar, carbohydrates and vegetable oils, while not sacrificing on taste and convenience. The sole objective of BenBanter is to make Keto Living easier here in Singapore, a country that loves its carbs.

Retails for $11.50 

All BenBanter products are made with natural ingredients. The distinctive packaging is easy to recognise, giving customers the assurance that what’s inside is truly low in carbohydrates.

For those of you not familiar with the Ketogenic diet, its a lifestyle and dietary movement based on learning to live with low levels of dietary carbohydrate (no rice, grains or starchy vegetables), little to no sugar and higher levels of protein and fat. This movement is growing globally. In fact, hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of Keto communities are popping up online on social media, with some groups having over 1-million members.

But can we as Asians give up our carbs? Throughout Asia, obesity and diabetes have become a huge problem. So much so, that the Singapore Government, is the first government in the world to formally announce a “War on Diabetes”.

While many are still sceptical, scientific evidence is mounting that Keto works and is probably the best answer to losing weight and combatting diabetes. It has also shown to be effective against metabolic syndrome (or insulin resistance) and other associated chronic diseases. People who are insulin resistant are intolerant of carbohydrates – not just sugar – and, in very simple terms, this is why a low carb lifestyle works so well.

BenBanter is owned by Spinnach Holdings Pte Ltd, a health and wellness company based here in Singapore. Their tagline is “eat better, get better” because they strongly believe that the biggest improvement to a person’s health comes from eating better.

BenBanter products are available in Singapore online here, and at Watsons and Mahota. BenBanter will be coming soon to the American Club, RedMart and other health-minded retailers.

Retails online for $60 for a box of 15 pieces