All it takes is a little kindness to make the world go around. Today, we show our appreciation to the people who built Singapore into the world-class metropolis that it is. And it doesn’t take much to make their day, just a few hours of your time and a listening ear, which the least we can do for these pioneers of Singapore. 

Sometimes we have to take a step back to appreciate the smaller things in life and maybe do something good for other people – which is exactly what the folks from Home Nursing Foundation (HNF), NTUC FairPrice and TENA decided to do.

With one of the fastest ageing populations in the world, Singapore has almost half a million people above the age of 65. With current resources stretched thin and a busy population, taking time to care for the elderly and keep them company during the day is easier said than done. 

Elders day out 2.jpg
The elderly were picked up and whisked away for a much deserved day of fun


This October, three organisations partnered to give back to the elderly community with a fun-packed day for 18 elderly who deserved some fun in their lives. From a delicious meal to an all expense paid shopping trip at the local grocery store, it was a simple but great way to get involved with the elderly community.

Shopping at NTUC
Nothing beats an all-expense paid shopping spree at NTUC Fairprice

shopping at NTUCat NTUCNTUC

To find out how you can get involved, you can reach out directly to the Home Nursing Foundation and join their amazing volunteer programme. You can contact them directly by emailing them at

Thumbs up
It was a “thumbs up” day for the elderly!