It only took forever for us to realise the effects of plastic and, basically, our own destructive selves on the environment. Despite the barrage of warnings and the turmoil we were subjugating the environment to daily, plastic still reigned supreme.

But now things are finally ticking over, particularly on the SAVE THE PLANET front. Many shops are introducing a plastic bag ban or are using biodegradable alternatives. And now we have another company forging a new future for themselves and the production of beer.

In an effort to use less plastic in its products, Carlsberg A/S has announced that it will start gluing together the beer cans it sells in six-packs around the world.

The Snap-Pack

According to Chief Executive Officer Cees ‘t Hart, they’ll be using a substance akin to dots of “chewing gym” to keep the cans grouped, instead of the plastic web that traditionally holds cans together in their six-pack constellations.

They tried out 40,000 different variations of glue before settling on the chewing gum variation.

The glue loses its adhesive property after the cans are separated so the can doesn’t stick to one’s hand.

The new packaging will be rolled out in the U.K. and Norway this October, with other countries following over the years.

It’s estimated that through the approach, 1,200 tonnes of plastic will be saved annually, which is the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags.

Carlsberg also used their recent announcement to introduce a new coating for recyclable beer bottles, with the extra protection doubling their lifetime. And the brewer will use a new cap that removes the oxygen left in the top of a filled bottle so it keeps fresh for longer. Other initiatives include a new environmentally friendly ink for its beer labels.