Hollywood is a concept more than a location on the map these days. A place of glitz and glamour that leaves even the humble of us wanting and wondering, what if? What if I had an entourage to tend to my every desire, a closet the size of most people’s apartment space, and, of course, the power and influence to make millions want to emulate my fashion choices.

We’ve all been caught up by the beautiful faces and practically perfect bodies and most importantly, what those bodies are wearing. Something as simple as running errands at the post office or grocery store has become a ‘who wore it best’ topic for media outlets across the board. Some Hollywood stars carry the weight of these expectations in stride, others, not so much. Tabloid magazines only fuel the fire, which has fostered the question, what makes something (or someone for that matter) trendy in the first place? 

What Is Trend?

Simply put, to be trendy is to be popular. Therefore, the most popular Hollywood actresses are by default, those who are trending. A-list celebrities such as Emma Watson, Zoe Kravitz, and Margot Robbie adorn couture gowns or pant suits while wearing expensive jewellery and name brand accessories. Camera flashes create a symphony of light catching the good, the bad, and the ugly for onlookers like us to drool over, and to put it bluntly, discuss at great length. Unfortunately for the actresses, this level of criticism comes as part of the job description. Fortunately for us, the enchanting world created as result of their personal style preferences grants us the permission to try that crop top and fringe ankle boots combination, or that half-up, half-down hairstyle with tacky hoop earrings that we thought we’d never be caught dead wearing – all the while blaming the trend as we go.

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Image Courtesy: LISVETT SERRANT/startraksphoto.com]

She Wore What?

One Hollywood actress at the top of her game these days is the California-born Shailene Woodley. This actress burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2011 with her role opposite George Clooney in The Descendants. She has gone on to enjoy mainstream success in films such as the Divergent series, and the heartbreaking The Fault In Our Stars, but is currently riding high on the media tidal wave for her role in the persevering true story, Adrift. Shailene has gone on quite the fashion journey over the last handful of years. Favouring her California roots (hippie-chic) at the beginning of her career, making simple looks that could go from a luncheon to the beach all the rage for women anywhere (whether near a coast or not). Following the acclaim of The Descendants, however, Shailene slowly began to raise the bar on her red carpet-ready looks with form-fitting gowns. Sticking to her guns, however, these gowns (or chic pant suits) would remain simplistic in design, but she would bless us with the occasional floral print-puff dress every now and again. Shailene’s style is trendy because it takes the best of both worlds, realness with a hint of glamour and gives it to the masses. 

Shailene Woodley

With an acting range wider than the Great Plains, another Hollywood starlet in trend worth mentioning is Zoe Saldana. I mean let’s get real, here. Did anyone else daydream of having green skin and training in kung fu after watching Guardians Of The Galaxy? And of course enriching the imagination of a whole generation in the sci-fi extraordinaire that was Avatar, this native New Yorker breaks trend not only in fashion, but in life. A few years back Zoe stunned the world when she announced her husband-to-be would be taking her last name making men around the globe second guess the notion.

Additionally, Saldana has become a choice voice of advocacy for Afro-Latina actresses who are often overlooked in Hollywood for feature film (or starring) roles. Her style, however, is completely east coast; leather honey, from head to toe. Leather cowl necks, leather pants, leather trench coats and leather gowns. A fabric that never goes out of style, Zoe will remain at the top of the trending game for years to come.

Why We Watch

We can all relate to the familiar feelings of ambivalence when faced with the decision to watch the televised red carpet event where you’re confident your favourite actress will be featured as a stand out or tending to other obligations in our lives. Even if you prioritise the other obligations over the show, it’s all too easy to catch a glimpse of what you missed via any social media outlet immediately following the event. They say that 90 percent of information is filtered to our brain visually.

We emulate what we see, whether we mean to or not. While we can’t all be natural beauties or have a bank account even close to the likes of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson or Deepika Padukone, staying up on celebrity trends makes it easier for us to do our best to mimic their appearances, passing them off as our own.