In Singapore’s hot and clammy weather, being able to spritz oneself on the go, is a true Godsend! To be able to not just cool off, but to increase the skin’s oxygen intake and soothe any irritation, is like the icing on the cake of all things good! 

Bio Essence has launched a new range of facial sprays and skincare products that are made with their Bio Energy Complex™ – a proprietary formula that boosts the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself – by enhancing the skin’s ability to take in oxygen, allowing it to breathe and thereby transforming it into an active and energised state. This in turn dramatically increases the efficacy of their skin-soothing bio-ingredient – Bio Water, for more calm and soothed skin. We review a few products under this new range:

Bio Essence bio water.jpg
Image courtesy: Bio Essence 

Bio Essence Bio-Water Energizing Water. $28.90, 300 ml / $12.90, 100ml is a great pick-me-up on the go or even while you lounge around at home or at the office. It not just hydrates skin, it also calms it and keeps it cool – a must in your handbag or on your desk top. Bio Essence Bio-Water Radiance-Boosting Water. $18.90, 100ml comes in only one size and is enriched with 5% B3 to counteract any dullness and give skin a youthful glow, while it hydrates and leaves skin supple and more youthful! Bio Essence Bio-Water Mattifying Water. $18.90. 100ml is a definite must-have in every handbag. This handy little spray, which also only comes in one size keeps skin shine-free by regulating sebum production. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep zits at bay, while its enhanced anti-pollution formula keeps skin protected and grease-free, how amazing is that!

To keep skin clean and free of pollutants use Bio Essence Bio-Water Micellar Water. $21.90, 400ml / $6.90, 100ml which gently removes even waterproof makeup, while its anti-pollution PM 2.5 formula keeps skin free of any environmental pollution, so it stays hydrated and clean.

If that wasn’t enough the Bio Essence Bio-Water B5 Gel. $45.90, 30ml


Is a must have for those of you with sensitive and dry, flaky skin. The added Bio Water helps to bring down skin temperature to relieve and soothe sensitive skin. Rich in minerals but low on salt, ensures better hydration. With a pH range of 5-6, it is gentle on all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Packed with Vitamin B5 for ultra hydration, dry and flaky skin is instantly nourished, hydrated and soothed. Clinically tested by dermatologists, it helps to improve the skin’s barrier function by restoring 56% of filaggrin expression in damaged skin and is paraben-, alcohol- and fragrance- free.

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is available in Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice and Departmental Stores such as CK, OG and John Little.