Known for offering tourists a plethora of sunny beaches, historical sites, and sumptuous food, Thailand consistently tops lists for globetrotters from all walks of life. 

And when it comes to fashion, the country is the hub for unique budget-friendly fashion. If upgrading your wardrobe, at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, is your mission, head to Bangkok where style is plentiful and affordable.

In such a large, busy city, it is easy to become overwhelmed when you are surrounded with so many shops and markets. We have reviewed seven of our favourite under-the-radar fashion boutiques, minimising the hassle for you.  


There’s nothing like a vintage boutique flaunting snazzy apparel you can actually wear day-to-day.  Located in Siam Square, Today Tomorrow Forever (TFF) caters to its patrons’ passions for all things retro. Stepping into this cozy boutique is like taking a field trip into the past. Whether you are looking for Transformers graphic tees, door-knocker earrings from the 80’s, or a 50’s floral swing dress, you are sure to find it all and more in this small shop.

Prices: ฿1,034 Thai baht / €27 and up.


Do you have a gala, wedding, or other special event approaching? Do you enjoy playing dress up on occassion, but dread the cost?  If so, swing by K9 in Tokyo Zone where formal dresses with casual prices are their specialty. They excel at providing chic, classic, and sexy gowns for your special day. If you’re having difficulty finding a style that flatters all of your bridesmaids body shapes, K9 has you covered. From offering a myriad of colours, shoulder to boat neck lines, and ball gowns to fishtails, they are ready to cater to your needs.

Prices: ฿1,531 Thai Baht / €40 and up.


If you have ever entertained the idea of being a mermaid, we have great news for you. Vernverr heard your wish and created bikinis with you in mind. This whimsical pop-up store brings you into a fantasy world dripping with unicorns, maids of the sea, bright colours, and lots of bling. Handmade earrings are their specialty but look out for headpieces, swimsuits, and other fun accessories. Jump on Instagram and follow @vernverr to find out their next pop-up location.

Prices: ฿499 Thai Baht/ €13 and up.


Artist and founder, Anek Jindarat seduces passersby with his artistic bird-nest designed atelier. He keeps things going with the avant-garde, hand-painted garbs fit for the fashion-forward mod of any gender. Are you inspired by eccentric art that breaks the barriers of tradition and normalcy? Then, head to Pedz in Siam Centre where you can find hand-painted attire that will have others doing a double take when you walk by.

Prices: ฿1,340 Thai Baht / €35 and up


Stylish bags are a must for any true fashionista. It is hard not to become giddy when you step into this bright-yellow establishment, Kloset & Etcetera, donning the best in all your tote needs. Catering to the style and desires of their teenage audience, this shop is filled with feminine touches. Bright and cheery decor graces every inch of this store.

Backpacks, totes, and purses are plentiful in sizes to fit your every need—be it a weekender bag or a makeup bag—as well as an abundance of playful styles and colours. How about going to Siam Discovery and grabbing a stylish tote to carry all of your souvenirs?

Prices: ฿804 Thai Baht /  €21 and up.


Walk into this beautifully decorated space adorned with flowers, chandeliers, and fabulous dresses and set your inner girly-girl free. In the midst of Siam Square Soi 3, Origano is like a real life fairy-tale with apparel and accessories to fit this theme. For the shopper seeking dresses with sparkle, flair, and character this is a must go. Whether you are headed out for date night or “I need a date” night, there is a dress for you. On top of that, each piece is made in limited numbers so the chances of showing up to a party with the same dress as your archenemy is slim to none.

Prices: ฿1,531 Thai Baht /  €40 and up


For those who are enthralled with the idea of being whisked away to Thailand and indulging in a shopping spree but are unable to actually do it at this time, rejoice, has been waiting on you. Ladies, this online store promotes creative, under-the-radar designers and their distinct clothing lines. Apparel and accessories, for both women and men, as well as homewares are just a few of the things you can purchase from this site.  Shipping outside of Asia usually takes anywhere from three to 21 days and they are happy to accept returns and exchanges.

Prices: ฿421 Thai Baht / €11 and up

Purchase your plane ticket and fly into Bangkok’s fashion paradise. Whatever your style, this city that will not disappoint you. Check out the links above for some inspiration.