When packing for a trip as a guy, the entire process has to be a couple of things; easy and compact. However, the side effect is the effect it has on your body and especially your skin. Hailing from sunny and humid Singapore, a trip to the colder and drier European climates can play havoc on your skin.

To prevent this affecting my trip to Spain and Portugal, I spent a little more time packing a few travel essentials.

1) Sunwave by Bellewave

BelleWave SunWave

I’ve got pretty tough skin, but a sunny day on the streets of Spain can really dry me out. So every morning before I stepped onto the cobbled pavements, I applied a small dab of sunscreen on all the exposed skin.

Bellewave’s Sunwave is quite light and leaves a smooth dry finish, so you don’t have to worry about feeling sticky throughout the day and it is long lasting, so you don’t have to reapply unless you’re out in the sun the whole day. I used the SPF 45 version for extra protection and it claims to have a moisturising effect, which leaves your skin soft and protected. I’m not sure if it really did moisturise my skin, but it definitely protected my skin from the sun and I was not all dried out like a prune.

2) Jyunka Aqua Matte Cream and Scrub Cleanser

Jyunka Aqua Matte - TS.jpg
I put most of my faith in Jyunka for my facial products and they delivered pretty well.

For my facial cleanser I used the Jyunka Scrub Cleanser, which helps with both dry and oily skin. It was a different experience for me, because this scrub is applied to dry skin and then washed off, so they skip a step in the usual face washing process. I’m not sure how I feel about the change, but overall it worked for me.

I’m prone to oily skin and being outdoors the whole day, I tend to get blocked pores from dust and grime in the air. Every morning and night using the cleanser kept my skin clean and smooth without the usual oily residue.


To complement this process, I ended every night by applying the Jyunka Aqua Matte cream as a night cream for my face. Just a couple of pumps is enough cream to cover my whole face. Those dry European nights could have easily caused breakouts or dry skin on my face, but thanks to my night cream I was left smooth and refreshed in the morning.

3) Bellewave Clearwave ClearFX Perfection Mask

BelleWave ClearFX Perfection Mask
The key ingredient in this mask is Creosote Bush which has soothing properties and is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant – a definite must-have

Every few days I’d treat myself to this face mask. I would be the first to admit that I’m not a face mask type of guy, but when in Europe I guess I changed a bit.

My first impression of the mask was that it was really wet. I know that sounds quite obvious, but it was dripping wet (apparently that means its full of serum) and I wasn’t sure how to use it. After a little bit of trial and error, I was able to get it on my face and relax and my skin actually looked great afterwards.

4) Lierac Deo 24 hour Antiperspirant

Lerac Deo
This little wonder kept me stink-free for the whole day!

I’ll admit that I am a guy who occasionally sweats. All right, I sweat all the time because it is hot and I need to cool off. That’s why I invest in great deodorants and antiperspirants.

Lierac’s 24 hour antiperspirant was a perfect fit for me, because the easy-to-carry roll-on is light-weight, effective and smells great. Pretty much everything you need in a deodorant or antiperspirant when you’re travelling.

Everyday, after spending hours walking through the streets of Lisbon in Portugal or A Coruna in Spain, I’d come back smelling fresh rather than the usual stale odour of dried sweat.The best part was that it didn’t leave any residue or stains on my white shirts, which is a problem a few others have.

5) Phytopanama Shampoo for Oily scalps

I can’t believe I survived without this shampoo in my life

Besides my face, my scalp also tends to get oily when I’m outdoors for long periods, so a proper hair care product is crucial for me. The Phytopanama Daily Scalp Balancing Shampoo was perfect for me, because it was a gentle cleanser that didn’t irritate my scalp.

Using it is quite simple, just like you would a normal shampoo and leave it on your hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing. It worked wonders for me throughout the entire trip.It is a non-foaming product and uses natural cleansers, so for those who prefer less chemicals in their cleansing products, this might just be the product for you.

There was a lot of eating
And quite a bit of drinking
Absorbing the local culture
And appreciating all the sights

I just needed a small adjustment to my usual packing routine to make sure I got my full skincare regime covered as well as my daily use shampoo. This made for a fun two week trip without having to deal with breakouts, dry skin or an oily scalp.

When travelling, I would suggest you skip the free hotel toiletries and get products that you know work. The last thing you need is to get a nasty rash and end up combing the aisles in the pharmacy of a foreign country in desperation.