I love visiting hair salons. I love the whole pampering experience of having a professional sort out my fine and unruly natural curls.  And I absolutely love walking out of the salon feeling and looking like a new person.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. So nothing impresses me more than passion in a hair stylist and I definitely saw a lot of that in Cheng of In Hair Salon. For one, he genuinely cares about the hair condition of the customer. When I went in for a colour and cut, we decided pretty quickly on some highlights.

Sherri before her cut and colour


Though the base colour is typically applied to the whole head before the highlighting process, Cheng pointed out that my hair is too fine to go through two rounds of colouring without significant damage. To avoid extensive hair damage, he opted to highlight my hair first before applying the base colour to the rest of the head so that my hair didn’t have to go through 2 rounds of stress.

But to do that, Cheng had to pick out the strands to highlight and then tiptoed around these strands while applying the base colour. The process was terribly tedious and time-consuming and I was really touched because no other hairdresser had ever gone through that kind of trouble for me.

Since it was my first time at In Hair Salon, I walked in not knowing what to expect. I was thankful that Cheng didn’t try to convince me to try out the latest trend. I also appreciated the fact that he chose natural shades that suited my skin colour and gave me a cut that was really easy to manage.

Both Cheng and Billy from the salon both scored a 10/10 for customer service and head massage skills. My editor had her hair washed by Billy on a separate occasion and was won over just after a single wash and blow session.

This is because In Hair Salon, set up by Cheng, Billy You and Vincent Teo, tends to do things a little different from other salons. Not only are customers treated to snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, the service here is very personalized.

In Hair Salon
The salon interior is lovely and instagrammable. Win!


Cheng and Billy handle all procedures involving each and every one of their customers, meaning they wash, cut and colour every customer’s hair themselves. This hands-on approach ensures the level of service quality at the salon.

And this brings me to the topic of the hair washing and head massaging procedure, which I view as an art form. I love how head and shoulder massages make the stress and tension of everyday life go away. Cheng did just that and took that chance to assess my scalp and hair health. He recommended a scalp treatment to improve my scalp health and it was such a pampering experience. My scalp felt refreshed and clean for days after that. I should also mention that award-winning Japanese brand Milbon’s quality professional hair products are used in many of In Hair Salon’s hair procedures.

Award-winning Milbon’s Japanese quality hair care products are used extensively.


And I was really happy that Cheng patiently answered every one of my haircare concerns during the session. He strongly advised I start viewing sun protection for scalp and hair as seriously as sun protection for my face, because hair and scalp can suffer from sun damage too. Sunscreens can also prevent hair colour from fading too soon.

While blow drying my hair with a Dyson hair dryer (love it by the way), Cheng also taught me to constantly flip the hair to dry the inner layers first and only spend 10 seconds or so at the end switching to the cool function to dry the outer layer of the hair to prevent heat damage and frizz.

Cheng also let me in on an insider secret. Fancy gadgets used in in-salon hair treatments are great and procedures involving these state-of-the-art types of equipment generally command a premium price, even at In Hair Salon. But in reality, sometimes these machines don’t do very much more than what a good massage can deliver. So it is possible to achieve similar results by manually massaging until the products are thoroughly absorbed before blow drying.

So now I take time to massage all my hair products gently onto my hair and scalp before picking up the hair dryer.

Sherri rocking her new hair-do!


Sherri After her cut and colour



Wash and blow (starts from SGD$18 for males and $22 for females)

Wash and cut ($35 for males/$45 females)

Colour ($68 for males/$128 for females)


22 Lorong Telok #02-01 Singapore 049034 (just a five-minute walk from Raffles MRT)

Contact details: call 6535 0201 to schedule an appointment with either Cheng or Billy.