In this prime age of social media and “Instagram influencers,” the pressure to keep up with our favourite style icons and to dress to impress is immense. Keeping up with ever-changing trends and must-have designer brands can seem overwhelming when you are on a budget. 

Fortunately, if you know what to buy and how to put it together, you won’t need to pay exorbitant prices to look your best. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for high-end looks on a low-end budget. 

Mix And Match Price Points

There’s no need to fill your wardrobe exclusively with expensive items. Invest in articles that draw the most attention, are the most versatile, and will last the longest. 

The iconic “little black dress,” for example, is an essential piece and good investment for any wardrobe; budget or high end. A structured, neutral-coloured handbag does wonders, transforming any outfit into an exquisite, polished look. A chic, clean-cut overcoat or leather jacket is perfect for pulling together any outfit. These items are typically long lasting and classic in style, providing dependability and versatility. Pairing them with more cost-conscious items is an easy way to add that extra level of sophistication. 


Mixing and matching high-end and affordable brands is also essential when it comes to jewellery. Keep one or two nicer items to pair with less expensive outfits. On the other hand, wearing a variety of fun costume jewellery can brighten and accentuate other looks. Just be careful to avoid anything too gaudy or overly flashy. Stick with simple seemingly timeless styles, chunky pieces, and darker metals. 


Select Items Based On Quality

It’s always important to keep the “quality over quantity” trade off in mind. Are you going to end up spending more on shoes over the next year if you have to keep buying new pairs because they wear out or break? Would it be more cost efficient to spend a bit more initially, rather than repeatedly buying cheap shoes that don’t last? With that said, expensive price tags do not necessarily guarantee ideal quality. 

When you shop, think about what level of quality you desire. Take a look at the materials used, as well the craftsmanship. When your budget allows, it is worth buying high quality items, especially when it comes to things like shoes, denim, and makeup. Seasonal tops, costume jewellery, and leggings are more of a quantity-based item and can easily be switched out more often. 

Look For Crisp, Clean And Classic Designs 

Keep an eye out for clean cuts and fresh, light colours. Crisp white colours will effortlessly take your look from drab to fab. Also, consider buying classic pieces off season. Obviously, you want to keep up with the latest styles, so avoid tired trends that will quickly become outdated. Classic, chic outerwear, such as leather jackets and beige overcoats, are perfect off-season purchases. 

Know What To Avoid

Remember, trying too hard to get that expensive look is the quickest way to look cheap. Stay away from anything too flashy or obnoxiously fake. Avoid knock-offs and obvious copycats. These will instantly label your look as inauthentic and low-end.


In the denim department, try not to choose distressed styles and faded washes, as these are likely to wear out and deteriorate quickly. Faded and tired clothing instantly eliminates any sophistication your outfit may have possessed. 

The Devil Is In The Details

Looking expensive on a budget is not always about what you buy or how much you spend. Simply how you wear what you have can make the biggest difference. Minding the small details can easily transform the entire vibe of an outfit.

Make sure your clothes fit. Well-fitting clothing shows that you put the time and effort into ensuring your look is on point. You can easily overhaul cheaper fast-fashion by taking it to a tailor. Often, the reason expensive clothes are so pricey is because they are made to fit. 

Keep white things white and crisp things crisp. Even the most expensive items will appear cheap if they are not taken care of properly. Soak whites in oxygen cleaners like Vanish White and keep a lint roller on hand, while ironing or steaming clothes enhances the quality of the look immensely.


Achieving exquisite looks on a budget is absolutely possible. It’s really all about details and not looking like you tried too hard. Keep it simple. Invest in the right pieces. Have the right fit. A bold red lipstick , sleeves peeking out from under a sleek jacket, and just the right tuck are the perfect touches to give that expensive look without betraying your budget.