Ironically, for a pathologically tired person, one of the hardest things for me to do, is to actually sleep. Thanks to scoliosis in my c2 and c3 vertebrae, lying down on my back traps a nerve, resulting in hideous headaches, and sleeping on my side is better, but can cause the same reaction if I end up moving in my sleep, which means, I basically exist on very little sleep and far too much caffeine.

This is also why I am very obsessed about everything that can affect the little sleep that I get. This means, only 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton or bamboo bed linen will do, and don’t even get me started on my mattress and pillows. I have spent a small fortune on pillows, which have all made wonderful promises, only to disappoint after just one night. My family have greatly benefited from my pillow dilemma and they get one-night-old pillows almost weekly.

Good night sleep
My night time essentials for a good night’s sleep

Recently I got myself the OxyGel™ Flex Contour Pillow by Four Star which retails for $169 and is my favourite pillow to date! It has just the right softness to give my head and neck the support it needs, without pressing on any nerve and triggering a headache. The pillow combines all the benefits of memory foam with the thermal conductivity of gel for maximum comfort. It also claims to promote blood circulation and the distribution of pressure points to facilitate muscle relaxation.

But I digress. The whole point of the article was to talk about their new range of ArcticSilk mattresses which as their name implies, are cool to the touch. There are several factors that make this mattress a must buy. It cools faster than regular fabric and maintains its temperature for a longer period of time. I can actually attest to this fact. Being cynical, I insisted on sleeping on the entire ArcticSilk DETENSE range of mattresses in the store and they were all so silky and cool under me, and it felt absolutely amazing! The staff were also very lovely and patient during this whole exercise. Its the combination of high-quality silk-feel eco-fibers and anti-microbial textile which are woven in with the DETENSE fabric to ensure that it is luxuriously soft to the touch, while allowing for maximum breathability and better heat dissipation to ensure a cool nights’ rest, every night.

Arctic Silk Detense ATLANTISBesides the unique fabric, these mattresses sport a range of luxury upholstery, including Gel-infused Memory Foam and premium Latex for added comfort. These premium upholstery materials provide excellent cushioning and pressure relieving support. The mattress features 3-zone pocketed springs that are responsive, conforms and supports the body’s natural contour and alignment.

Atlantis Diagonal
A cross section of the mattress

It also helps to relieve posture stress and minimizes partner disturbance, which is important if your partner likes to flop about in his / her sleep, like mine does. The top of the line model, Olympus, features a layer of micro precision springs that provides 3-dimensional support to relieve pressure and to respond and adjust to minute body movements. To add further value and peace of mind while you sleep, All DETENSE | ArcticSilk® mattresses are Anti-Dust mite, Anti-Fungus, Anti-Microbial and Anti-allergy treated.

Research carried out by sleep expert, Professor Chris Idzikowski has also shown that anti-static fabric provides a person with deeper sleep, by minimizing movement while sleeping, so you’ll feel better rested the next day with less sleeping time.

As part of the DETENSE ArcticSilk® launch, Four Star will be releasing four models of mattresses from different price ranges. The range will include the base model, Agartha, followed by Avalon, Atlantis and the top of the range model Olympus.

The DETENSE ArcticSilk® mattresses will make their debut at the Four Star Flagship Gallery and selected dealers island-wide and with every purchase of a DETENSE ArcticSilk® mattress, buyers will receive a pair of Four Star Premium Chiro Series Gel Infused memory foam pillows!