Shopping for swimwear can be a misery-inducing exercise. You browse the store, find some super cute pieces, but during the short walk from the clothes rack to the changing room, your body suddenly expands like someone stuck an air pump under your skin, making you look like a very lumpy sausage. 

I blame the mirrors. While most fashion brands use mirrors and lighting that flatter – for some very sadistic reason, swimwear companies choose mirrors and lighting that make you look your worst.

This is possibly why I usually end up requiring some liquid courage – think a few tumblers of deliciously smooth aged whiskey – before I can even consider shopping for a bathing suit. Although lately, I have stopped vacationing in areas that have large bodies of water.

Osea swimwear collection

Recently though, I came across Oséa [“O – SAY – A”] Swimwear. This young, fresh Hong Kong based brand specialises in bikinis and swimwear that combines high-fashion trends and hand-drawn patterns with high-quality fabrics that are silky smooth to the touch and oh-so comfortable to the skin. The best part – Oséa offers flattering cuts for real women with curves and not just the stick thin, gap-thigh flaunting women that make the rest of us count our calories.

Osea swimwear
Real girls with real bodies, took to the catwalk in Osea Swimwear at Boutique C² in HK

These comfortable styles are said to fit snug and hug curves even after long-term use, yet allow stretch and movement due to the superior elasticity of the fabric. I can attest to the fact that the fabric is unlike anything I have every touched before. Its very, very soft and silky and feels absolutely amazing on the skin. While I am certainly no Emily Ratajkowski (sigh), the cut of the bikini I selected (the Giulia seashell top and matching bottom), doesn’t leave me looking like an overstuffed sausage, which I am most grateful for!

You can even shop for these cute soft touch, flexible silicone-like necklaces which were designed in collaboration with Kiwi Artist Alana Tsui. Made of soft PVC, they are waterproof and won’t stain or damage your swimwear or skin and come in turquoise (above) and peach.

If you are looking for some beautiful swimwear go visit OséaThe pieces are very pretty and feel fabulous on your skin and the best part is that they are made for real women, with real bodies and real curves.

FINAL Sale online with more than 75% off the Essence Collection from now to 31st August 2018, where:

All tops – approx. SGD22

All bottoms – approx. SGD19

All one pieces – approx. SGD41

The Essence Collection will not be available after this SALE period so this will be the last chance to get them.

In addition, the Back to Basics Collection – the eco-friendly swimwear range is also on SALE with 25% off all purchases online till 31st August 2018.