Although its always “summer” here in very sunny and humid Singapore, over the past few months the weather has been highly mercurial to say the least – a mix of warm, soggy rain, interspersed with scorching merciless sunshine. Its the sort of weather that makes you want to live in your shower or in a swimming pool.

Unfortunately, many of us have to work to make a living and all that boring nonsense, so  the whole ‘live in a pool‘ plan wouldn’t work. So instead we’ve decided to put our sweaty heads together and come up with a bunch of products that we personally can’t do without during these awful sweaty months.

The last thing you want to do when its sweltering outside is to put on a heavy body lotion or perfume, but this is exactly one of those times when your skin really needs some TLC  – and the general public will thank you for not stinking up the train. Therefore, to keep our skin moisturised and smelling lovely, check this out:

Here’s a Summer Survival Kit we put together that makes grooming in this heat more bearable and less of a torture. You are welcome! 

The Double Duty Duos We Can’t Get Enough Of:

SOS summer care

(1) Klenskin Shower On Sunscreen 236ml. We all know that sun protection is a must, especially when the sun shows no mercy, but the last thing you want to do is to apply a goopy layer of sunscreen on your already sticky skin. Which is why we turned to our absolute favourite, not to mention only shower-on sunscreen by Klenskin that will keep you protected from the harsh UV rays, without leaving you feeling icky and sticky.

Several of us have reviewed Klenskin when the product was first introduced to our humid shores and our love affair with this unique sunscreen has not faded. If you have little ones, you will be happy to know that the brand has just introduced their Kids shower-on sunscreen in strawberry scent (yum!). If you would like to grab a bottle, visit their store here.

And lets not forget our hair. While Klenskin will protect your scalp from UV damage and hair fall (yes unprotected sun exposure will cause hair fall), you can now keep your tresses and colour glossy and protected, with the added bonus of it smelling absolutely delightful, with (2) Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil 125ml / $55. With its special UV filters and protective oils, this lightweight invisible mist is non-greasy with a delicate jasmine and soft musk scent. It protects, hydrates, and nourishes the hair as well as safeguarding hair colour from oxidation and fading when exposed to the sun, sea, and swimming pool. So no more sweaty head with this handy spray!

(3) Sothys Nourishing Body Elixir 100ml / $72 which comes in four absolutely gorgeous scents (Cherry Blossom and Lotus Escape, Orange Blossom and Cedar Wood, Lilly and Bamboo and Cinnamon and Ginger Escape) is a delightful lightweight dry body oil that leaves skin smelling beautifully scented and feeling satiny soft.

(4) Lierac Eau Sensoreille Sensory Water with 3 White Flowers 100ml / $78 is a very lightly fragranced spray to scent, hydrate and revitalise skin. Enriched with plant glycerine,  it  moisturises your skin for 24 hours and envelops your body in a subtle veil of delicate flowers that leaves your skin feeling toned, revitalised, silky smooth and delicately fragranced.

So these are our skin care must-haves during this awful heatwave. They keep us presentable and smelling good and protected, all with minimum effort. If you have any suggestions for products we should have included, do comment below!