I work in an industry where I often spend many hours outdoors and in direct sunlight. I do my best to protect my skin wearing a hat and sunglasses and try to wear long sleeves whenever possible – however wearing long sleeves in Singapore’s humid weather can often be quite uncomfortable.

Wearing short sleeves necessitates the use of sunblock – but sunblock of any kind is sticky and oily, and I really don’t like using it. I have recently started using a very good spray-on version which so far has been very effective, easy to use and non-greasy.

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For much of my life I haven’t used sunscreen and I will probably be a good candidate for skin cancer in the near future. Realising this now (hopefully not too late) I have been looking at various brands and applications of sunscreen to see what will best suit my needs.

I recently tried using a new kind of sunscreen that can be applied like soap in the shower. It acts as a sunscreen, but also as a body wash, effectively killing two birds with one stone. I have traditionally shied away from liquid soaps, preferring to use cake soap, probably because of my age and I’m a bit old fashioned that way. I guess its what I grew up with and what I stuck with, for no better reason than that its what I’d always done.

Trying the soap combined with sunscreen however seemed like a bit of a no brainer. If I can wash as well as prepare for a day’s work protected by the sun, why wouldn’t I? Since trying Klenskin Spa I have been pretty happy with the results so far.

According to the label, the product can also be used as a shampoo, however I haven’t tried this application yet as I’m still quite particular about what I wash my hair with. Its been enough of a shock to my system changing from my much beloved, tried-and-true cake soap to this new fangled liquid version!

The product has so far been quite effective at stopping sunburn. The convenience of being able to wash and apply a sunscreen at the same time has been a timesaver as well as surprisingly effective at both washing my skin and protecting it from the sun. Its saved so much time that I don’t leave home without it and no matter where I have to fly off to, I take my bottle of Klenskin along with me.

My sound gear and Klenskin, I don’t leave home without either of them

My skin is not particularly sensitive but the product hasn’t caused any allergic reactions. It claims to be paraben-free. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I’ve heard they’re to be avoided if possible. It is SPF30 which is as high as the spray-on sunscreen I have been using and I haven’t felt the need to apply my spray on sunscreen until about an hour and a half after the initial application.

Overall Klenskin has lived up to its claims. It cleans the skin and provides SPF 30 grade protection for my skin under the sun and is very convenient to use. I do still use my other spray-on sunscreen from time to time to ensure I don’t get burnt in the field, but the initial application of Klenskin has been pretty effective.

Stuck in the sun? Not an issue, I showered with Klenskin from EHA Skincare this morning

I do think its a bit pricey, but if you want to avoid skin cancer, I think this product does this and just a little more.

If you would like to try Klenskin, drop in at EHA Skincare or EHA Clinic which are both located at Shaw Centre or call them on 6235 3325 to find out more!